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Combat Machine M4 Raider Upgrade Help

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Hello I am a newbie and this is going to be my first gun to upgrade and I need some help. I would like to get 350-380 fps and a pretty high rof like 20-25 bps. I just want to know what to get and I have about 180 dollars to spend upgrading so any suggestions would be helpful


Its probably shooting in the 330-350 range right now so the first thing you can do is buy a prometheus .03 tight bore barrel(tbb) and upgrade to a shs high speed neomagnet motor. you can buy the motor off major9, search him in the search bar. those two items should run you around 100 plus tax and shipping. beyond that I wouldnt do too much cause that would require getting into the gearbox which isnt ideal for newbies. the tbb will give you a boost in fps without swapping springs and potentially putting to much stress on your gearbox and it breaking. good luck!

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Like others have said, some basic upgrades for "newbie/novice" players for your anticipated fps is a nice tightbore barrel (6.03 prometheus is one of the best) and pairing it with a 9.6v battery if you haven't already for some better ROF. If you want to go bigger... stop by a local airsoft store and get them to install some high speed gears paired with a high speed motor. Keep in mind that internal upgrades in such as the gearbox will put more wear and tear, hence parts will be in need of replacing sooner. (especially with a high speed setup )

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