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which gun?

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I need a new gun. I have been running with a cheap walmart aeg with a plastic gearbox this year. it is about 3 years old and still works. I started playing airsoft about january because a lot of my friends got airsoft guns for christmas. I have good secondary pistols(WG 1911 and Crossman C11 with 3 mags) but I need a new primary.


I have been looking around and I saw some good looking guns but I wanted yout guys opinion.

my budget is 250 with a sight and extra mags.

I prefer m4/m16 but I am open to suggestions(no AK)

I will be playing in a field or woods mostly.

metal is a huge pro






I saw that AGM mags were not the same size as other? any input to this?








I am open to opinions! what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance

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Yeah the JG G36's are built like tanks, one of my friends has had one that is about 4 years old and it is still kicking.


The G&G Combat Machine M4 is almost universally recommended to people looking for an M4 on a budget.


And I would suggest you stay away from electric blowback guns, just more stuff to break. And also, airsoftgi.com is a better place to buy from than airsoftmegastore.com. AirsoftMegaStore slaps crap labels like "super mega duper upgraded" on everything they sell. Come on, a gun isn't custom because it has a box mag in it, and it isn't upgraded just because it comes with a metal gearbox. The product descriptions on AirsoftGI are pretty accurate and not outright lies.

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