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Now let us start with my long list of rules (Please read before PM'ing me about anything):

1) Paypal (shipped) or cash (F2F) only.

2) I only sell items that are in good condition AND functional unless otherwise specified.

3) Prices are negotiable.

4) All sales are final, and no returns.

5) Not interested in trades at ALL

6) I can take more pictures upon request.

7) No part outs unless otherwise specified.

8) I do not hold items; once you pay for them I ship the item with the next two days.

9) Don't make a mess in my thread, I like it crap free.

10) If you need to contact me do it via PM.

11) Serious buyers only.

12) I can choose to do business with whom I want. If I do not want to do business with you I won’t.

13) When buying an item from me, it acknowledges that you have read everything above this line and agree to everything.


Item #1: PGC M249 Gearbox $400+shipping

This thing is the beast. Made of CNC'd aluminum it is extremely solid, and insanely durable. Some wear marks and such, but no structural damage. Whether you own an M60, an M249, or are going to own a PKM... this is something you could use and enjoy. Made out of CNC'd aluminum, not the crappy CNC job that a lot of clone companies do... but high quality. Also, assembled with high-quality SHS parts and other brands. This is one sexy beast of a gearbox which has numerous advantages over a stock M249 gearbox. Namely, spring release, being CNC'd out of aluminum, higher tolerances, being sexy, and more.





Internal Parts List:

PGC M249 Gearbox (black)

Modify 7mm bushings

SHS 16:1 gears

SHS 15 tooth piston

SHS cylinder head

SHS piston head

SHS nozzle

SHS tappet

SHS tappet delayer

SHS m120 spring

SHS steel spring guide

Scatterplot sorbo pad

Systema cylinder

Combat squad HS motor

CA reinforced microswitch

Anything else is either stock CA, PGC, or SHS


All this gearbox needs is to be wired to a wiring harness and shimmed by a pro. Due to the extreme rarity of the PGC M249 gearbox, and the sexy rest of the gearbox... I'm starting pricing at $400+shipping (reduced from $450+shipping). I'm looking for cash. Just cash. I am always up for negotiating terms but I am not running charity here.


Item #2: Mystery Box $400+shipping

Everything I have that isn't M249 related is going into the box. Tactical gear. Internal parts. External parts. Gun. Value is well over $600. I know someone out there is going to want this pretty darn sweet box. Approximately 25-30lbs of airsoft goodies. If I find anymore stuff in the next several days I shall add it to the box.


I've sold quite a few mystery boxes and EVERY single one (including this one) was/is completely freaking awesome. The buyers LOVED them. I might've cheated myself selling them for such good pricing... :c Anyway, PM if interested! I am asking a paltry $400+shipping!!!




I can have two mystery boxes. Guns/parts for $250+shipping and tactical gear for $150+shipping.


Item #3: CA M249 Externals $200+shipping

This is a great set of stuff if you have an A&K M249 which has beaten up externals or an extra gearbox laying around (Or want to build a P* based M249). Super high-quality externals, extra parts, lots of goodies! Might need to pick up some screws from the hardware store, but otherwise complete! Instead of paying $450+ for one with a gearbox... buy this without a gearbox and TWO box magazines.... for less than half price. Easily $450 worth of parts (extra box magazines, extra parts, extra flash-hiders...) for less than HALF price!


External Parts List:

Classic Army M249 (base)

AD fixed stock

AD outer-barrel assembly

G&P bird cage flash hider

Bravo FNC flash hider

G&G SAW flash hider

A&K box magazines (2x, one needs cover. Both wired to pressure switches)

Ergonomic vertical grip

Misc. extra external parts


Lets say $200+shipping

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why don't you split the mystery box up? a internals box, a externals box, a gun box, and a optics box? you would sell them a lot quicker and make more money in the doing so...

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