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Project/Parts Gun; L96 at a Stellar price

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First, a few rules:

1. Sold AS IS.

2. No Refunds

3. No Returns

4. No Trades, unless you have an android tablet.

5. Paypal only.


This is a UTG L96. It was used gently stock for about half a year, and then sold to me. I tinkered with it, and the magazine latch died, and the hop-up went through some...modification.


Basically, it still cycles well, and is still functional with mods. Everything needed to function except the mag release is included, however the hop-up arm is separate. It currently has an R-hop patch installed, but without the hop-up arm installed, the bbs just drop immediately.


This scope comes with a Simmons 3-9x40 scope, which was $80. Yes, it is silver. Yes, I do put electrical tape on it. It still works BEAUTIFULLY.


I am looking for $75 + shipping (which is $20 anywhere in the US). I'll include 3 extra R-hop patches as well.


So what you get:

UTG L96 - $140

Simmons Scope - $80

Leupold Scope Rings - $15

1 Magazine

3 Rhop patches - $12

Total - $247


So you get what is essentially $247 of merchandise (obviously the L96 itself needs a new Mag Release, and possibly a new hop-up), for $75 + shipping.


I would love to see this gone immediately.







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