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EBHM4's Gear Thread

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It's been a long time since I've darkened ASF's doorstep, but now that the season is back in full swing I figured I needed somewhere to lurk around! So I thought I should start by making a long term gear thread as I have a lot of gear changes coming up and a few different loadouts I run. I guess I should start with the basic Multicam kit I tend to run a lot these days.










Alright there's the pics, here's the kitlist as best I can remember:


-Tru-Spec TRU Multicam BDUs


-5.11 ATAC boots


-Mechanix Original gloves


-Blackhawk Contractor Cap


-ESS Turbofans


-Pantac RRV (Uper panel folded down)


-Condor triple kangaroo M4 pouch


-Condor single kangaroo M4 pouch


-Condor Admin pouch


-Pantac Vertical Utility pouch


-Condor radio pouch


-Cheap Motorola radio and earpiece


-Condor kneepads


-Condor dump pouch


-Condor battle belt


-Condor Double Kangaroo M4/pistol pouch


-Blackhawk SERPA holster


-Camelback Thermoback obtained cheap from surplus store with cheap Wal Mart bladder


And that's about it. It's not an impression of anything, it's just a kit I run because it works for me and I like the setup. It carries 10+1 magazines for my dressed up Combat Machine you see in the picture and 2+1 magazines for my KSC Sig P226. It's surprisingly pretty simple and lightweight.

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