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KWA Glock 17 vs KWA Glock M9

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I have had my glock for a while now and I am looking to sell it. I like the look of the glock but I love the over all style of the m9 and it is standard issue for the military. The M9 has alot of awesome features and it is more realistic and it would be new. If anyone is looking for a fully functional Glock please message me and we can talk prices. Please reply on which one is better if it is worth it.

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Guest alberty

How would the KWA M9 be more realistic than the KWA Glock 17? Also, the Glock 17 is a standard issue for many other military/LEO organizations worldwide, if you want to think about impressions.


As for selling your guns, you need to have an authorized seller account in order to sell items on this forum. You cannot just try to sneak it into a "which gun is better?" question.

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