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LRB and HPA on sniper rifles = +300ft accuracy?

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Hello all custom guys out there!


I am currently traveling (until june) and got this idea today while sitting in the bus... And I just had to post it here and get some opinions.

Please be constructive if you know something about this... answers telling me without explaining that it´s not possible won´t help anyone here...


Here the idea:


Tune a Tanaka or KJW with all the things needed to make it consistent. Adjustable HPA system included. Add a MadBull Black Python 6.03mm barrel (because it´s plastic and can bend easier) and get rid of the HopUp (seal it or cut it out completely). Now drill a thread somewhere in the middle of the outer barrel (of course it´s going to have to be absolutely vertical to the inner barrel) In this thread you place a screw and something soft to the end of it to not damage the inner barrel.

By screwing in this screw you will bend the inner barrel slightly and create a curved barrel (LRB aka Long Range Barrel in the old days).

Just for the ones who don´t get it yet: The BB now ´roles´ over the outer side of the curve and gets the ´HopUp´spin effect. This means it would role very consistently without ´bouncing´in the barrel and loosing accuracy on its way.

In my mind this creates a much more consistent spin to the BB than a tiny piece of rubber or am I wrong?

To clarify it: the adjustable screw has to be push the inner barrel from underneath. It shapes it like a bridge.


I can even imagine doing this sideways too to maybe counter winds? I know this is going to be pretty difficult to set up in a game... One would need to make his own tables with the amount of curve the barrel needs at certain strenghts of winds + the distance his target would be at. So let´s leave this point out and concider there is no or hardly any wind out there and we are shooting our rifle to TEST it. So FPS and BB weight are not of any matter.

Remember this is an idea. Theoretical nothing else.


We now have an adjustable barrel, adjustable pressure and tons of different BB weights. I am just about sure there is some golden point between: speed, weight and curve where a BB can hit massive ranges and still be accurate. Or not?


I´m not reinventing the wheel here, I KNOW. But combined with a very accurately adjustable HPA system and the right BBs I can imagine there is a way to make this system reliably accurate at extreme ranges (as we know it did and still does on the classic airsofts).



Tell me your thoughts or maybe even experiences with this.

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LRB's is probably the holy grail of throwing plastic accurately past 300 ft. it can be done, and I like the idea. it is almost like having adjustable hop up. You need a way of stabilizing the inner barrel, because with your idea, there will be very little bracing the barrel against the outer barrel, which means a lot of vibrations, and inconsistency. so you gotta figure out a way to securely brace it against the outer barrel, but still have that adjustable bend.

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I would be using a gas powerd rifle (HPA). I don´t think vibration is a big factor when using gas rifles.

On the other hand: The barrel would have to have 3 fix points. at the tip of the barrel, one at the place where the HopUp is fixed and then the screw that is pushing the barrel into a curve.

I don´t think the barrel would vibrate much when the rifle is fired.


I think it´s all just a testing thing to find the perfect amount of curve at the perfect amount of pressure and the right weight of BB.

But I might be wrong...


EDIT: Oh and the old LRB barrels were straight 10mm outer diameter barrels. Only the inner cut was in a curved shape. So we are talking about maximum 0.3 - 0.4mm curve here. That is barely noticable! But they were not adjustable by some kind of screw like in the idea in the first post.

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It works!!! I tried it today!


I will write a full review of my test when I found the right setup. But I can tell you all that it works! The BBs have a very similar effect with the curved barrel like hopup!


I can't say anything about the accuracy yet because I didn't use HPA and no other tuning either. Just a stock tanaka on gas...


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