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CP regulator: extreme Newbie question

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sorry for my noobness. I have a CP regulator. I have a questions about connecting it to my setup.


Obviously, the CO2 supply connects at the top. Then there are two holes on either side, near the top (where the CO2 connects) and one at the bottom (on the part you turn to adjust pressure).


Can the output (line to gun) only be the one at the bottom, or also one of the two on the side of the regulator? (Would be more practical, because of the way I intend to carry the setup, but I think that by doing it that way, it would just send unregulated CO2 to the gun.....Just wanted to check with the more experienced guys here to make sure I get this right).



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The regulated low pressure air exits the top. You input it from the bottom There is no getting around inputting it from the bottom. The side holes are for dials. You can cap off the top and use the side ports to feed into the gun but that's it. Remember that there are various brass elbows and fittings that can help you plan the direction the regulator will be facing.

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