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Final choice on M4 for under $100

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Guest alberty

I don't have firsthand experience with either of them, but I think the Lancer Tactical M4 would be better. My reasoning is that Well electric replicas are often LPEGs or very cheap-but-standard-spec AEGs. An exception would be the Well MP7 AEP but of course you're not discussing that one right now so that doesn't help.

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Well bell galaxy R6E M4


That company name... a rebrand that came from a rebrand that came from a company reputable for its sub-par quality of AEG's. I have a friend who got one before I came into the hobby, still works today, but the externals are borderline passable and it's decent as a .12g plinker.


The Lancer Tactical has been getting a lot warmer response from the community. The ASGI's stress test, gearbox and hop-up overview shows a lot more promise compared to the latter, though it may just be advertising to sell it quick, that's not bad at all.

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I'm not really a pro, sorry, im fairly new but I woould recomend the lancer tactical. im even getting one in a few days :D.

You can also buy a $90 version that doesn't come with RIS but has a weaver rail on the bottom of the handguard and under the removable carry handle. I've had a few people recomend it and the in the first feew days of them being on the market they went out of stock on airsoftgi and airsoftstation. I hope this helped but im fairly new to airsoft.

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So I've came down to a final choice for my M4 airsoft gun. One is the Well bell galaxy R6E M4 for $90, and the Lancer Tactical M4 that got recommended for me for $95.

Which is better?




I didnt look at those guns but I know they both are a great company. This website has an m4, check this one out for only 120

it has some great features like


Colt M4 Carbine

*Metal Gear Box

*Battery and Charger included

*Hi-Cap Metal Magazine

*Metal sights and barrel

*Adjustable stock

*Adjustable Hop-Up

» MSRP: 200.00

Our Price: 120.00 *445 Fps

*650 Rof

*Max range 60 yrds



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Ok well if you must choose between either of those two guns, definitely go for the lancer tactical. There is a reason why when you visit the boneyard section of a few different airsoft sites such as Airsplat, just about half of the guns there are Well R6E's. Seriously the R6E sucks quite badly and may only last a month. :P Honestly if you wanted a good starter gun I'd spend like 20 more bucks and get the JG like jgm said, but otherwise definitely go for the lancer, o far the only complaint I have heard about them is that their externals feel a little cheap, but great internals.

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