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WTS TM MK23 Great Condition!

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Hey guys first off are the rules:



2. I will probably ship USPS priority flatrate box since I'm lazy (good for you!)

3. I only ship to CONUS

4. Please don't lowball me, if you be reasonable with me then I'll be reasonable with you

5. Trades.... Right now not really looking for trades.... unless of course you're trading me cash :D


now onto the sale!



For sale I have a lightly used, and beautiful Tokyo Marui MK23. For those of you who know what this is, it needs no explanation. For those of you who do not know what this is let me tell you a bit about it. First off its a TM so its obviously not going to dissapoint. Next its a NBB or non blowback gun ( yes its somewhat dissapointing) however it does have a few positive points. Since its a NBB gun it get great gas efficiency I believe its about 2-3 mags out of a singe fill of green gas amd with the silencer it is near dead quiet. I actually even cut out pieces of the foam to reduce the sound further. Now for the good part, since it is a TM and is also NBB, this gun has some crazy range. I used .28s and personally I was able to nail a domino pizza box with every single round in the mag at about 75 feet. Sounds impossible right? Not with the TM MK23! This thing can get some sniper like accuracy using even heavier rounds such as .3s or .36s. The only blemish on this beauty is the black sharpie mark on the front of the orange paint on the gun seen in one of the pics below, aside from that everything looks and functions perfectly!


What you're getting:





Original Carrying Case

Fully functioning LAM unit (not very powerful)

Original Foam Filled 16mm CW silencer

1x TM Mk23 mag

some random high quality bbs




Looking to get about $180 shipped for this masterpiece of a gun. If you have any questions please PM me Thanks!








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