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Brenden's Two Day Sale - Ends Friday Night

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Hey ASF. I am leaving for a week on Saturday morning, and I would like to have some spending money in my PayPal account for the trip. Help me out!


A little taste:




- Prices do not include shipping

- I ship from Missouri

- Paypal is the only form of payment

- I ship via USPS with tracking. Insurance will be purchased by me for shipments over $100 in value. Anything less valueable than that will require the buyer to purchase insurance. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY UNINSURED ITEMS THAT ARE LOST IN THE MAIL.

- Have any questions? Message me immediately

- When sending a payment, please put your name and the purchased item in the subject line - for example "Username from ASF. Payment for the JG M4 with two magazines"

- Thanks for looking




Upgraded Tokyo Marui MP7:


I received this from the previous owner in the same condition that it is right now - pristine. It appears that the previous owner took very good care of the gun. He installed all of the upgrades, and everything is in great working order. The upgrades with their appropriate retail price are as follows:

- Nineball Piston - $25

- Nineball Damper Cylinder Head - $25

- Nineball Bearings - $20

- Nineball Cylinder - $15

- Nineball Spring Guide - $15

- Nineball Piston Head - $15

- PDI Tightbore Barrel - $55

- Laylax External Battery Adapter - $30


- Full trademarks [RARE]

- Immaculate condition with basically no signs of use [worn paint on metal flash hider and metal stock slides, and that is it]

- With the battery adapter, it is wired externally to mini tamiyas

- Shoots ~270 FPS, 18 RPS [7.4v Li-Po]

- Has a better range and accuracy than most stock AEGs (easily 120 feet) without hop

- Includes: gun, TM mid-cap magazine, TMC one-point sling [$15 value]














Stock Tokyo Marui MP7:


I got this from a collector a little while back. It was rarely used by him. A total of 1000 rounds or so through the gun, he says. The externals show that there is definitely some truth to that; absolutely flawless - besides the trades. The Heckler & Koch trademark was burned off both sides of the gun. The Tokyo Marui trades and MP7A1 trades are still intact though.


- Shoots ~250 FPS, 14 RPS [7.4v LI-Po]

- like new condition, no wear on the gun whatsoever

- includes: gun, TM mid-cap magazine










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Tokyo Marui G36:


Again, I am the second owner of this rifle. The previous owner said he didn't really use it too much during the seven years he had it (maybe a total of 15 times). However, it appears that the owner didn't care too much for the appearance of it. The rifle shoots like any other stock Tokyo Marui gun, flawlessly. The TM Hyper1000S motor gives this gun any power that it would need.


A G&P 3.5x scope carrying handle was installed and painted flat black to match the TM body. Also, a KV sniper stock was installed as well and received the same paint job. The hand guard is large-type that can house a 9.6v battery with ease. However, the left and right rails are not included. The H&K trademarks were soldered by customs.


Onto the outside of the gun. The hand guard pin was missing (who's isn't?), so a nut and bolt combo was installed. Both selector switches are missing; the left side has a 9mm wrench installed on it. It works fine, and I highly doubt it will be coming off anytime soon. Third, the stock's locking pin somehow broke; a screw was drilled into the stock, and it works perfectly. If you want some up-close pictures of any of the external parts, let me know.


Tokyo Marui G36: $320

G&P 3.5x Carrying Handle Scope: $110

Unknown Brand (I think it's SRC) Sniper Stock: $60

Unknown Brand Large Hand Guard: $35

Madbull FN249 Metal Flash Hider : $30

Total: ~$555



- Shoots ~280 FPS and 18 RPS on a 9.6v battery

- Includes: Gun, TM high-capacity magazine












Tokyo Marui MP7 Parts:

- 8x MAG 100rd Midcaps - $5 each

- 1x TM 190rd high-cap [bROKEN, needs BB well lid and feeding spring] - $5

- Stock TM gearbox - works perfectly - $35

- Stock TM parts [spring, piston, cylinder, cylinder head, spring guide, 2x buckings, barrel] - $30 for all






Panorama Reflex Sight:


- Has five levels of brightness for both red and green dots

- four reticles choices (dot, crosshair, circle-cross, circle-dot)

- like new condition - comes with lens protector and battery

- retails for $45 - $60 on ASGI and Evike








Micro T-1 Red Dot Scope with Quick Detach Mount:


- Has five levels of brightness for both red and green dots

- like new condition - comes with battery

- retails for $65 on EBAirsoft [only place I found it]








G&P Green Laser:


- Very powerful

- like new condition - missing one of the mounting screws - only one is necessary

- retails for $160 - $180 [ASGI, AEX, Ehobby]








30mm Red Dot Sight with QD Cantilever Mount:


- Red dot with 5 levels of brightness

- like new condition - needs new batteries [AG13 LR44]

- comes with QD Cantilever mount

- retails for ~$50+









30mm Red Dot Sight with Low Profile Mount:


- Red dot with 5 levels of brightness

- like new condition - strap is torn from the battery compartment

- comes with QD low profile 25mm mount

- retails for ~$50+








- Element Ver. 3 Full Tune-Up Kit - 300% Torque-Up Gear Set - Brand New - $30

- Magpul PMAG - 30 rds - Lightly Used - $11

- Celcius CTW M4 Stock - Like New, great condition - Can be attached to any M4 that can fit a buffer tube - $35

- UTG Vertical Grip - brand new - $7



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Would you trade the stock mp7 for a jg g36c only thing is that its disassembled and it comes with a g&p carrying handle with 3.5x zoom scope on it. And I will also include a S-Thunder grenade launcher and s thunder landmine too.

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