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My request to my fellow airsofters.

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Hey guys.


On the airsoft subforum I frequent, someone brought up the fact the WE said they look into producing a gun when they receive many requests for the said gun. So we came up with the bright idea of putting together a list of pistols and SMGs for suggestion. My advice is to write your own letter about these suggestions but I will provide a copypasta for those less inclined to help your fellow airsofter.


I ask that you go to this link and type up a short letter to WE about how you want these pistols or SMGs and pick like the three that appeal to you most from each list or even add your own!


Here's the Copypasta

I'm one of many airsofters who read in an article from Airsoft2Day that the designers at WE look into making a gun when the company receives many requests for it. So I'm going around and composing a list of guns that many people wish to own an airsoft replica of but unfortunately no companies have taken the initiative to make these guns. However, WE seems to be more than happy to introduce new guns to a market oversaturated by 1911s, M9s and USPs. So here's the list, and hopefully you'll be receiving many more requests for these soon and rolling them out soon after. Thanks a lot!


And here is the list of guns I composed from just Facepunch. We're a bit more warsaw pact oriented when it comes to guns, just warning you.













Jericho 941




Vz. 61 Skorpion

Spectre M4


Uzi and any variants of

PP-19-01 Vityaz


Beretta CX4

Chang Feng

Type 05

Carl Gustaf M/45


Please feel free to add to the list or to PM with any questions. We're doing this for the benefit of airsofters everywhere so by all means, do your part. The worst that'll happen is we'll be ignored and the best that'll happen is that we get many many new different guns for fondling and buying.


Thanks everyone.

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I can't help but say that is a rather unique selection.

I want a Kirss Vector so bad add that.

I think PPSh41 should be aded to the list.

I love the idea of the PP-2000, one of my favorite machine psitols.

I really like makarov pistols, does WE make a FN 57 GBB? If not that would be a great addition.

Finally a GBB pp90m1 would be very cool. The mag would be hard to figure out though.

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Well I did it for you. Although I have no idea if it went through because their CAPTCHA system is really stupid. Hope that helped.

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There's already a m16VN GBBR, and KWA is making the Kriss, TM makes the 5-7, so there's no reason to buy a WE unless they improve on the original, which is doubtful.

WE made a G18 GBB. KWA has. Many companies have made 1911s. WE has. And there is a reason, WE generally has lower prices which beginners love.


We still have the FN FAL, MP5s, and AUG that haven't been made.

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too bad WE guns suck



^This. I think a better thing to request of them is to have better quality-control and better materials *cough*potmetal*cough* for their guns. But, doubt they'll listen on that.


And WHY, WHY hasn't anyone mentioned a Thompson M1A1 yet?

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An AUG A1 by WE would be very cool, although with their GBBR's they REALLY need to work on their magazines leaking. A KG9 or P90 would be cool too, GBBR of course.

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Back to the topic, how about the Polish Vis pistol? It would be pretty sweet IMO, as long as it was quality.


How much you could pay for one?.

I'll have 2 of them, full GBB.

All unique in the whole World, full custom made.



Edited by walther38

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How much are you asking?


Look for customized ASG prices. I ask 580 $ + PP. Expensive? Maybe yes. But at the moment I am not a company and each gun is handcrafted. I will attach soon my No2 and No 3 pictures. No 2 is 1937 marked whereas No3 is resembling a preproduction series, also called Vis mod 1932.

Like here


Edited by walther38

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Beautiful guns, but I can't afford something like that right now. I assume you modified a 1911 slide to make it, or is it all original?


Well, its sad to hear that.

But if you know the history of this pistol (Berger, Lapin and recently W.J.York) the idea of Vis (initially WiS) came suddenly in 1931 (when Browning patents already expired) and Vis is a son or grandson of M1911. Thereare some facts about this pistol I have tranlsated from Russian an interestin interview with Wilniewczyc - the brain of this pistol and gave at




If someone would like to do the conversion on its own I can (for affordable price 55US$ - PayPal payable) send detailed manual and necessary drawings how to convert GBB clasical M1911A1 (I have tested TM, Bell, WE, SRC) to this pistol. Each of my model is now better and better.

Now I am expecting delivery of KWA TT-33 (the pistol from the same J. M. Browning's family pistols)




to see wheather this model could be more suitable for conversion as the angle of grip is one of key points.


If there are more guys interested on D.I.Y. convertion/customisation of AEGs please find me on Scribd. These suggestions are for free.

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