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well r4 mp7 dissasemble help

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also, after removing the gearbox? how do you reattach the plugs?

On a personal and true note from someone who owns a Well R4 MP7, they are not the most friendly things to dissasemble. I don't think they had humans in mind when they desighned lol :a-laugh: :a-laugh:


Now, as for the trigger assembly I am unsure of but the wires are simple. The rail system on the top of the MP7 must be removed. You will need an allen wrench for this but first, remove the iorn sights. There you will see four allen screws. You only need to remove three of them to take the rail off. The other screw is a "dummy screw" and is just there for some odd reason. After the screws are removed you can freely take off the rail and see your red and black wires and where they connect. It is a small area and a tight fit so you might need tweezers to connect them back to there place to the connectors. Remember, the black wire is the closest to the battery. If this is wrong, just switch them around.


If you are using tweezers be sure your battery is not in the gun.


Sorry for late reply, did not notice this topic until now, I hope this helps! If you need any other help or have questions feel free to ask and I will be happy to help you. The Well MP7 is not a friendly gun to take apart and customize (been there, don't ever want to do that again) but I am experinced with it so I will be here for any help needed.

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