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Metal vs Plastic Airsoft guns

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Internally they are the same. Neitehr has an advantage.


Metal is stronger and more resistant to breaking under stress normally than plastics. That all depends on the kind of plastic and metal you compare, but say an all aluminum receiver is a ton sturdier than a plain ABS plastic receiver.

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those rear tabs on a plastic m4 upper receiver will break under stress. I have an older TM m16 that I wrapped a couple loops of 550 cord throught the carry handle and down around the back of the grip/lower receiver... old gun, tabs are still there but I've babied it. On a side note, I also have a plastic JG m4 that has broken rear tabs and 550 cord wrapped around tightly, keep the upper and lower together, lol. It works

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Metal is generally more durable, and gives it a more realistic feeling. However, plastic is lightweight, cheaper to buy, and it's paint doesn't scratch off as easily. Plastic is usually actually better to buy, unless you really do some rough play during airsoft. Metal is still good, though. I like realism.

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General rules of thumb:

Metal beats plastic (in strength)

Plastic beats metal (in weight)

Plastic beats metal (in paint) *Airsoft metals are often powder coated, resulting in silver marks where the gun has been scratched.


Myth: Metal is invincible.

My first AEG was a Aftermath MP5, $100, all I could afford at the time. The telescoping stock rails were metal, but were made of such a cheap pot metal that when I fell on the gun (when I was ~140lbs, quite a while ago), the stock was broken very easily.


Metal does give a nice touch of authenticity. For example, my Echo 1 M16 VN had plastic handguards and a plastic pistol grip. After replacing the handguards with a metal RIS and metal foregrip, and replacing the plastic pistol grip with a rubber pistol grip, my friends all said that the gun felt tons nicer. Metal is nice for that touch of awesome.

Metal sometimes give that heft to a gun to make it all feel a bit more real.

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