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Summer Build Off 2012 Entries Thread

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Welcome to the Summer 2012 Build Off


1. All discussion belongs in THIS Thread, do not post it here. All posts not containing entries will be deleted.

2. One gun per entry post.

3. You may enter more than one gun.

4. Yes, that means you may double/triple/etc. post if necessary.

5. Judges May Not enter their guns.

6. You may not enter a gun that has previously won an award.

7. You may edit your post however you see fit. If it is past the date that you can edit a post, message myself, SHWELL, or Airborne101 to have them edit your post.

8. The Build Off will conclude on September 21st. If I close this thread, that means the contest is over. If you wait until the last minute on September 21st to enter your gun, and find the thread has been locked. Sorry, you don't get to enter this competition.

9. Besides what has been mentioned, All Forum Rules still apply.


Our Judges:












Remember, any and all questions should be asked in the thread linked above, not in this thread. So, without further delay, Let the Build Off Begin!

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I guess I shall go first.


This one is pretty new to my arsenal. It has, all the same, performed spectacularly both in bench testing and in the field.

















It is an Asahi Bushmaster. The max range (confirmed hit) I have measured in the field was approx. 90m with a 3 round burst. Max range on a bench test was about the same, so, as you can see, a very consistent performer. That is why I converted the normal iron sights to a scope mount.


I run it at about 300 fps with a .2 because of the joule creep. Even though it chronos at .9J with a .2, when I chrono with a .4 it chronos at almost 2.5J.


Internally, it is a stock Asahi Bushmaster, with a Magna Barrel. The Magna barrel operates on the same principle as the Sheriff LRB, and allows the bb to ride the top of the bore to get some backspin. However, because there are eight grooves instead of one, the Magna barrel doesn't need an Anti-Rotation assembly.


You might ask, why is this in the build-off if it is stock? Because I have modified it heavily according to booster's guides for the Asahi engine. The engine has been completely re-built, with enlarged air passages for more volume. This got me about a 50 fps increase at minimum operating PSI, and increased the joule creep from adding just under 1J to adding almost 1.6J.

Edited by Cheese Man

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Next up is my trusty sidearm.














This is an MGC G17 Seidler Custom. It was made after Tanio Koba bought MGC, so it comes stock with a twist rifled barrel.


This puppy shoots very nicely. The blowback engine is nice and crisp, and the plastic slide makes for a very fast cyclic rate. I have two barrels that I use commonly, one that came stock, the twist rifled barrel, and a barrel onto which I have installed an IER-hop. The sights are adjustable target sights, which allows me to use this pistol anywhere within 200 feet. The twist rifled barrel has no hop at all, so its max range is quite short, only about 50 feet. It will, however, put two bbs in the same hole at that distance. The IER-hopped barrel ranges out to about 190 feet or so, not quite as accurate, but a double tap will get just about anyone out there. It runs at a smooth 275 fps with a .2, and I run .3s for field use. The hop is not adjustable, by the way, it is perfctly filed/tuned to my .3s. I may be stuck with the bbs that I use, but luckily I really like them, so life is good.

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One more entry, this is my target rifle and my backup field rifle.














CA M24 CASV. I can't take credit for the awesome paint job or the CASV mounting (though I did fix a couple of issues with the screws), but I can take credit for a lot of the stuff that is inside. As a more conventional build, I will just list the stuff here.



DBC 6.01x534 mm barrel

PDI hop unit with CMI custom arm



PDI Palsonite HD cylinder set

PDI V-trigger

PDI 380% spring

Laylax Sp120 spring



KA Harris Bipod

Leupold Mk 4 3.5-10x40

CASV rails


Cost: More money than I care to admit.


I run this rifle at about 630 fps for target shooting, and at 330 fps for field stuff. Max range at the bench with the target fps is almost 140m (9/10 shots hit torso target) and max range at field fps is about 95-100m. The ER-hop and LRB were very easy installs on this rifle, and pushed the range by a noticeable amount after installation. With the CMI custom arm as well as the aforementioned mods, I measured an increase in effective range of over 50m. Trigger pull is unfortunately hard, but I can't spring for a Z-trigger yet, I have too many projects in the works.

Edited by Cheese Man

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Welcome in the first of the many M4 style rifles! This is a G&G Combat machine with a lots of goodies inside and out!







On the outside is a VLTOR club stock

Legit Zombat front end

Magpul PTS AFG

Tango down pistol grip painted black to match the paint scheme

Magpul PTS MBUS flip sights (front is tan, rear is black to match the color scheme)

Shorty Pmag



Not much on the inside, but I re-shimmed, streched the O-ring, teflon taped the cylinder head, and added deans plugs.

The battery is an 11.1v buffer tube lipo (I know I should use a mosfet, I am in the process of putting it in

A tight bore barrel




330 FPS +-1fps

Range 150 feet

RPS on lipo ~25


More to come later :a-cool:

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Why not I will put up my SBR G-spec.









Pre paint pic to show the flash hider.



Airsoft GI orange piston, slightly modified

Laylax 120% spring

Hop up mods

Scope adjuster TDC

Surefire long Suppressor

G&G EoTech

SunOptics 1.25-5x short scope

Harris bipod


She is shooting lasers and is dead nuts accurate as well.

Edited by woogie_man

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My precious...














Over a year in the making, the gun started out life as a G&P Sentry and switched over to a King Arms body after compatibility problems with the G&P. It' been an interesting journey, but everything is finally just how I envisioned it. She's accurate, reliable, got range, and has everything you would expect from a PolarStar.


FPS: 390-400 (Adjustable)

RPS: 30 (Adjustable)



-G&P Sentry base

-King Arms VLTOR MBK



-Spike's SAR 10" rail

-DYTAC Nighthawk 16" barrel

-G&P KAC QD silencer

-Replica ELCAN

-Magpul MBUS2

-King Arms TangoDown pistol grip

-Magpul AFG

-Crusader BCM charging handle

-Magpul ladder covers



-P* V2 Fusion Engine

-509mm Prometheus 6.03 barrel


-Gold nozzle

Edited by drat77

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My other PolarStar:












(Last photograph taken by captainbingo)


This PolarStar is only possible because of the awesome work that captainbingo did at Bingo Airsoftworks. As an AEG my XCR gave me nothing but trouble (I went through three of them before I got one that worked), but as an EPAR it is the perfect CQB weapon.


FPS: 330-340 (Adjustable)

RPS 30 (Adjustable)



-Replica EOTech XPS3

-Replica Troy BUIS


-Madbull Surefire Mini 5 Silencer

-Marui PEQ-16 box

-TangoDown SCAR pannels



-Modified V2 Fusion Engine

-Custom nozzle

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Another not so "Classic" SR-25



Story time eh?

Well, lots of people have built DSG for :pain: and giggles or for all seriousness.

Me? I built mine to scare people even when it runs out of rounds and dry fires.


When I was looking for a platform to build it, I first thought of my Marui P90.

It's a nice solid gun, but we all know the major issue with the P90, the mags just suck at feeding.

Oh too bad, back to step1.

I found this spare complete CA SR-25 receiver that has been sitting in one of my gun case.

It was suppose to be a customer's DMR build but that fucko just.....yea......




Base Gun:

CA SR-25 Upper - *

CA SR-25 Lower - *

Madbull JP Rifle Handguard - $100

Laylax FPSS Stock - $100

Strike Industries Fore Grip - $15

Rare(?) Tokyo Marui Rubber Target Grip - $20(???)

LCW CNC Aluminum Outer Barrel - $30

Drura Custom Sound Amplifier - $40

Replica ACOG with Doctor - $120

Mags - eh....sharing them with 3 other SR-25s......




CA SR-25 V2.5 7mm GB - *

Modify 7mm Stainless Steel Bushing - $12

EF Cheetah 2N MOSFET w/Trigger Master - $100

JG Blue (Neo Magnet) - $20

RiotSC 10.44 DSG Set :D - $120

SHS 19 Teeth Piston - *

Lonex POM Piston Head - $15

M180 Spring - $8

CA SR-25 Bore up kit - $50

CA SR-25 Tappet Plate - *

CA SR-25 Selector Switch - *

Lonex Hop Chamber - $12

Prometheus Soft Bucking - $15

R-hop'd G&G Barrel X_X - *



Teflon Taping Cylinder Head

Teflon Taping Barrel

AoE Corrected, Sorbo Pad added on Cylinder Head

Relubed the whole GB

A couple of the slots for the bushing were somehow too small AGAIN.....so I dremel it.....

All of modifications required for DSG.

SS'd and SC'd piston.


$777 in parts lol

Stuffs that I already had were about $150?


FPS: 320fps

RoF: 55rps on crap lipo lol

SOUND: Absolutely Ridicules (After I made the vid that you'll see in a bit, my ears where ringing for a few minutes....)


Pics :D



Drura Custom Sound Amplifier



DSG and stuffs :P



Hee gun (I know I have the AFG but I swapped it with the Strike one.)






Video of Firing






Bros & Mags


Edited by EDI 1st

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My unique SCAR.










I didnt have a better place to take pics so I used my "tactipool" :a-laugh:


It has a quick change spring mod done to it



I have also modified the stock to fit brick lipos. I got tired of only being able to fit small batteries in it.






Shooting video:


Parts list:


Base gun (Dboys SCAR) - $60 from a friend

China T-1 sight - $45

Fakepul MBUS sights - $25

Real XTMs - $35

Madbull Noveske flaming hog - $15 used

Fakepul MAID grip modified to fit - $5

PTS 120rd PMAG - Free from friend

JG blue neomagnet motor - $15 from friend

SHS 16:1 gears - $20

SHS 15 tooth blue piston - $15

SHS tappet plate - $3

SHS trigger switch - $10

SHS G36 long cylinder head - $7.50

TM cylinder - Free

Lonex bearing spring guide - $8

JBU 7mm steel bushings - $10

VFC piston head - Free

Systema bucking - $6


Total: $279.50


Mods include AOE, Shimming, QC spring, polish gearbox shell, Deans, and floss mod on bucking.


FPS is around 360-370 with an M120 (stupid scar nozzles....). Effective range is 180ft. ROF with an 11.1v lipo is somewhere in the mid 20's. I don't have a true reading, I am just basing it off of sound. That is why I included the video.

Edited by jackster802

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This is mine..










Prime Cobb Colt National Match Gold Cup brass frame and slide on WA 1911 SCW3.

Prime brass National match trigger

Prime brass main spring housing

Prime brass grip safety

Prime steel front sight

Prime steel BOMAR sight base

Creation BOMAR sight

Anvil steel slide release

Anvil steel recoil plug

Airsoft Surgeon 150% recoil spring

Guarder 150% hammer spring

Guarder blue nozzle

ProG4 steel sears




Edited by wolfgeorge

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finally cracked. mine as well put in an entry since I have nothing to loose! (please excuse the horrific looking pictures, f I can get better pictures taken in the next few days I'll post those instead. :)


Here we go, my MG36"k" (Still deciding on a name :| )


My MG36k started out as a JG G36. I spent days upon days just trying to decide on what G36 I should be picking up. Should I get the Ares? Or maybe a SRC. JG? Or possibly the CYMA. I didn't know weather I should get the G36c or the G36. There were a lot of questions and a lot of digging that I had to do to find out which would be perfect for me. I'll spare you the details but for the most part I picked the JG G36 for a couple of reasons.

1) I would not have to spend $100+ to buy the "G36" conversion.

2) I was told JG's material quality was improved over the previous years.

3) No Trades! (I'll talk about this one later on ;) )

4) Highly upgrade-able with a low starting price.


So I wen't to Evike and fished out the money to start the long MG36 project that would never end. After I placed my Order with Evike I started planning out what I would be getting next and what all I wanted my MG36 to look like. First thing I knew I wanted was a G36 RAS. I wanted a full size but decided that getting the G36k RAS would be just as useful a little lighter and would be a million times easier to find. So when I ordered that I order a couple other parts for my gun as well (Inner barrel, Scope, Suppressor (too small), and a new Gas block) By now My gun was shaping up to be exactly how I wanted it. I had to do some work to the RAS to get it to fit but it was nothing that took more than an hour. All that was left on my agenda of parts was to get a Rail mounted Bipod, Longer Suppressor and the S-mag. After a couple of months of not having money and not having any of the parts I needed in stock, I did a little modification to my MG36. Most notably is the Bipod on the RAS unit. I promise you, you will never find another out there in the world (one that was done before me obviously) It took some modification to the RAS unit and the Bipod to get it fitted on.


So months go by from my last purchase I find a S-mag in stock, and I'm just $10 shy. My dad gets a big ol paycheck and gave me some Bday money (months late, we are rather poor so I don't ask for any money outside of a few bucks once a month for Arizona's or some little snacks.) So he gave me some odd $125 or so, which allowed me to snatch up the S-mag finally (After missing it 3 times) and my new suppressor. So here are the crappy photo's of my gun.







(Sorry no deployed Bipod pics, but it is fully operational :D )


So what do I have left? Well just a new barrel (Dad broke my old new one.) 2 R-hop mods and Hopefully a new hopup unit to do the "Tracer Hopup" and lastly getting custom MG36 trades engraved into the side of my gun! I've come a long way and spent a lot of money but I absolutely love the gun and can't keep my finger off the trigger! The $600ish were well spent and its a gun I will never get rid of.

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Custom KJW 1911A1 Zombie Killer Pistol










JohnJayRambo (on YouTube) did all of the designing for the artwork while Jedi270 (Also, On YouTube) and his partner Donnie Peaeson at the trophy house of Ohio County, KY did the engraving work. John sent in his initial design and they had to change it some to work. It took them 80 hours each to do all the engraving. It was eyballed and placed by hand.

Words of Jedi, "It's beautiful"


-Over 80 hours of laser engraving

-Custom Design

-Completely stock internally

-Ivory Styled Plastic Grips

Edited by FluffyBoy32

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Here's my contribution, my trusty old CA Steyr AUG A2 Proline. That's what it was once upon a time, the barrel and trigger switches are the only stock internal parts left in it, everything else has been replaced and upgraded, even the GB shell has been replaced. There was nothing wrong with the old shell, I'm still using it in a different gun, I just felt like giving my old buddy a treat. My AUG is far from the prettiest gun on the field, because it's not meant to hang on the wall as decoration, it's meant to be used on the field, it's a workhorse, a role it fills very well. It's the oldest gun in my arsenal, I bought it from a domestic retailer back in 2010, not that old really, but it's the oldest gun I have and the one with the most "mileage". I have rebuilt the internals several times and I doubt I'll stop spending money on it any time soon, as it's become my absolute favorite and can be considered my "signature gun" on the field. My previous builds with this gun have been very unreliable, mostly because of my lacking experience, ironically it's that experience that has made it possible for me to make it a serious assault rifle. It has "battlescars" and scratches and the gun body is generally very fatigued, but in my opinion it gives it more character.


My latest build for this gun has been very reliable with good performance as I now have the experience and knowledge to properly tune it, I have also used parts with much higher quality than in the past. It had a major issue with eating AR latches caused by the way the motor cage is designed. It is mounted at a slight angle and slightly off center in the length direction, placing the pinion gear and AR latch dangerously close together. I solved this by shortening the AR latch slightly and rounding off the inner edge of the pinion gear. The pinion gear seems to hold up well and the AR latch is now working perfectly. My AUG has been my "guinea-pig", whenever I wanted to try out a new experimental mod or just try and push the limits, I've done it with the AUG, because it's so easy to work on.



32rps at 370fps with .20g BB's.

Effective range: Approximately 210 feet with .28g King Arms Platinium BB's. Effective range meaning I can hit an opponent's torso at that range.



Internal parts and mods:



VFC V3 gearbox shell with 8mm hardened steel bushings.

Lonex A2 short type high torque motor.

Lonex enhanced piston (the blue one), swisscheesed with corrected AOE.

CA alu piston head.

Deep Fire stainless cylinder.

ASG Ultimate cylinder head and nozzle. (Lonex rebrand).

Deep Fire ball bearing spring guide.

Deep Fire M120 non-linear spring.

Deep Fire tappet plate.

Lonex 16:1 ratio gears shimmed by the bevel.

Lonex sector clip.

Modify steel cutoff lever.

JG AUG motor cage. (the stock motor cage broke)

Modified G&G pinion gear.

Shortened KA AR latch.



Turnigy 16AWG silicone insulated low resistance wiring.

Deans battery connector

DIY mosfet unit (unconventional airsoft) with a dual 12A polyfuse for shorter trip time.

Stock trigger switches

Hyperion G3 VX 11.1v 35C 1800mah li-po battery.


Barrel assembly:

Stock CA 509mm barrel. It had a Systema 6.04x509mm barrel in it, but it actually has better accuracy with the stock barrel. The barrel has been stabilized as much as possible.

Flat-hop mod with Lonex soft type bucking and a DIY flat nub. The bucking is teflontaped to the barrel for maximum airseal

G&P metal hop-up chamber, with elongated screw holes to spring more snugly against the GB.



KA 35mm red dot sight with a riser mount(unknown brand).

Strike Systems Tactical Light

KA 110rd midcap magazines, I occasionally use CA 330rd hicap magazines if my trigger finger is feeling heavy.



I thought the firewood storage in the basement would be a suitable environment for the photoshoot of my battleworn workhorse:


Dat buttplate, hehe.


It's most severe "battlescar", a major crack in the receiver after it, uhm, fell violently on the ground.


Functionality is the name of the game of my AUG, I removed the entire "bolt" to make it easier to work on, I also didn't like the rattling sound it made.


The tactical light is tiny but is pretty bright.


Edited by Lefse

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One more for me!








Detonator SFA V12 slide

Detonator SFA frame

Detonator steel V12 ported outer barrel

Detonator V12 style trigger

Detonator Heini steel rear sight

Detonator steel night front sight

Detonator steel recoil rod and cap

Detonator 170% recoil spring

Airsoft Surgeon 150% hammer spring

Airsoft Surgeon Sfa style steel hammer

Airsoft Surgeon steel sear

Nova ambi safety

Nova slide lock

Nova mag catch

Nova grip safety

LCT Main Spring Housing w/magwell

Guarder enhanced loading nozzle

9Ball hard bucking

WA Face Off silver modified grips




Edited by wolfgeorge

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Custom G&P WOC

-Current State



-After the rail install



-Right after I finished building it




Started out as a G&P WOC Challenge Kit with hardened Aluminum internals and standard WOC externals.

-DD MK18 RIS II ACM Rail System

-Civilian MagPul CTR Stock with "color changing" paint job (Depending on lighting, it could be a dark OD one day or Tan another)

-MagPul MBUS Sights

-MagPul XTM rail covers

-Olight M20S Warrior

-Either a RS Knights Armament foregrip (pictured) or a MagPul AFG1

-Mission Spec Irene Adaptive Sling (OD)

-KZ USA Sling Mount

-"Custom" JB welded the doggie ear that I snapped. Decent hold so far. Gives it "Character"

-Everything else is standard A2 equipment


Getting ready to do a internal over haul at some point once I have the money. :a-grin:

I may look into finding someone's old project and use it as a donor gun for mine. Still debating on where this whole build will go. I mainly buy parts, see if I like the feel of the gun, then sell them if I don't like the look/feel. I'm pretty much stuck with the way it is now since that's what seems to work. Also, I ran out of money...That can put a project to hold quick!


ROF is pretty much stock at like 10-15 (I think) and I believe I installed the 400ish nozzle when I built it (came with a 500ish nozzle too). Can't test numbers as I do not have a chrono in my possession (I really need one).


Also, Here's a video on my FB page of the gun firing just recently. Bolt didn't lock back because of the GHK mag I was running in it.


Edited by FluffyBoy32

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Cheese Man Asashi Bushmaster - 6.571428571

Cheese Man MGC G17 - 6.428571429

Cheese Man CA M24 CASV - 7.666666667

Airsoftkid295 G&G CM - 4.952380952

Woogie_man SBR G-Spec - 5.857142857

drat77 P* M4 - 7.857142857

drat77 P* XCR - 7.428571429

EDI 1st DSG-25 SPR - 8.142857143

jackster802 SCAR-L - 5.761904762

wolfgeorge Golden Gun - 7.900793651

Bladez 0f Fury MG36 - 6.579365079

FluffyBoy32 KJW 1911A1 - 7.115079365

Lefse AUG - 6.571428571

wolfgeorge M1911 (silver) - 8.043650794

FluffyBoy32 G&P WOC - 7.317460317


Wolfgeorge's silver M1911 came in first place in the looks portion of the competition, With his Golden Gun as a close second. FluffyBoy32's pistol came in third. Drat77's XCR P* and FluffyBoy32's WOC tied for most attractive Assault rifle. Woogie_man's G-spec was considered a better looker than Cheese Man's M24 by a hair.


The pattern continues with Build Quality, with Wolfgeorge's Silver M1911 coming in first place, and his Golden Gun tying second place with EDI_1st's SR-25.


Lastly, when judged by performance numbers, EDI_1st's DSG took the prize, followed by Cheese Man's CA M24, and thirdly, Drat77's M4.




I want to thank everyone for their patience, I want to apologize that it has taken so long to get the results up. I will not be returning to run another Build Off for a while, However, I've spoken with one of the judges who will likely keep it going. I want to personally thank TheStig, for helping me with the numbers, and to all the judges for helping judge the results. Thank you contestants for entering, I hope everyone had fun. Congratulations to all the winners.

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