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Best AEG under $60

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I had a first airsoft battle, and I had an AEG. I really liked it and I want to get into airsoft, but not spend so much money. I just want a simple 60 dollars or less AEG that isn't all totally crap, and that will last me until I know if I really want to get into the sport. This is just for backyard wars so t doesn't really need to be all tricked out or anything.

Help from the pros! :a-salute: PLEASE!

Maybe some suggestions that you guys first started with?


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for under 60$ youre not going to find much really worth a d*mn. I guess if that is your budget you may want to try an LPEG because they are in that range. if you can get another 40$ though you can get a lancer tactical M4 (airsoftgi.com) which is uncomparable to an LPEG. keep with it man and im sure youll fall in love with the game.

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Save your money up for something in the $100-200 range. Go mow some lawns or something. I really wouldn't suggest buying a cheap piece of junk.


Let's say you buy a G&G combat machine for $140, and then decide you don't want to play any more. You could probably sell the gun for at least $80 assuming it's still in decent shape (I'd buy it...), and only be out 60 bucks. If you decide to stick with airsoft, now you've got a very good gun and don't need to upgrade any time soon.


On the other hand, let's say you buy a $60 piece of crap. If you decide you don't want to play any more, you're out $60. If you decide you want to keep playing, now you need to pony up more money for a decent gun and you end up spending more in the long run.


Either way you're out $60 if you decide not to continue playing, but if you just buy something decent at the start you come out ahead $60 if you stick with it.

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Save up and either get a JG G36, Cyma Ak, JG M4, or a Combat Machine M4

The AK and G36 will run you $100 and below, buy from airsoft gi you can get %12 off and free shipping or evike

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