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Saint's Loadouts

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Time for the pic dump:













Closeups on the vest and helmet: http://imgur.com/a/H9k5O


Closeups on the gun with helmet randoms: http://imgur.com/a/1uKgg



Vest is a 6094 bought from Knighthawk on here.

Multicam is tru-spec

Repro Ops-Core from Dragon Red Airsoft Outlet for $38. Painted and whatnot.

Repro nvgs for whatever. I don't play with them (they're useless), but they'll be used for movies or something.


I also have a drop holster and knee pads, but didn't feel like wearing them. The holster I'll usually wear, but sometimes go without pads.


For the G4, I still want to get a PEQ box with laser, and an AFG II

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Stole my callsign... :a-laugh: Good kit though man, looks light and functional.


Sorry dude. But yeah, I have it so it works. It's really not too heavy in the end, even with an overabundance of mags.


I just ordered and AFG II and a PEQ for the blaster, and I picked up some mechanix gloves, so once those come in (hopefully soon), I can update again. I might throw on the holster too.

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I've had some random stuff around, but haven't actually updated my thread yet.


Nothing different than the ones above, just in game is all.


Airsplat took a liking to this one: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...elevant_count=1




Most recent game I've been to.



The helmet:






The blaster:




I got a tac-light, just waiting on the mount to come in.


Eventually I want to get some repro AOR1, as well as a tan loadout / belt setup. Probably Flyye's FAPC in Khaki.

Then in addition to that, I still need a decent pistol (never got around to it, probably a 226), and I would like to get a 416.


Obviously there are a ton of other little things to get, but that goes for everyone.

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While not as much of an update as I had hoped, here is my new setup I'll be running.




I'll do a more detailed photoshoot with my camera sometime soon as it's spring break for me. I had also hoped to have some Allwin AOR1 to go along with the update, but that didn't work out. Hopefully I can still pick some up in the near future.

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Is that an LBT or a replica 6094?




AOR1, 6094, plus you want a 416 and a 226, sounds like some one is getting the seal virus :a-laugh: . But I'm curious to if what 6094 that is. The kit looks great by the way


....maybe just a hint. Pantac, too poor for the real stuff (college). Thanks though!

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I see you took a liking to one of my past helmet setups! Nice gear.


Yeah, took a bit of influence haha. I liked it and it worked so I gave mine an upgrade.



I should finally have AOR1 on the way so I'll show all of you my alternate setup. A belt should hopefully be in the works soon too. Hopefully before an OP late April, but we'll see how the money is.

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Repro Ops-Core PJ Fast Helmet

V-lights x 2 (red, blue)

War-Bungee retention system

Repro (but metal) Rhino mount

IR Strobe BB loader

IR Flags / tape

Chemlights with holder


1st Line:

Eagle War belt

Condor Riggers Belt

Repro FAST mags x 2

Phantom Gear Dump Pouch

Pantac Utility / General Stuff Pouch

(Eventually will add more stuff, possibly kydex / gcode holster if / when I get a pistol.

Will also include double mag pouch for pistol if the case)


2nd Line:

Pantac 6094

P.I.G. Cummerbund

Blue Force 10-speed Triple w/ Helium Whisper

TMC Triple kangaroo insert

Flyye Smoke Pouch x 2

Flyye MAP

Pantac? MBITR pouch



Allwin AOR1

Tru-Spec Multicam

Various Woodland

Condor Soft Shells in Foliage and Khaki



Revision Desert Locust goggles


Revision ESS Crossbow Suppressor shooter glasses



FRS or Marine-band radios

Respective PTT

Element Headset

Element Comtacs (currently broken)



ASGI G4A2 Blazing Hog

Repro Aimpoint

Repro EoTech (also broken)

Repro Peq-15

Ultrafire Tac-light

Condor 1-point sling (half bungee)


I think that's about it.


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Long time, no update.


I ended up going with a Gen 4 Ferro Concepts PC I pretty much randomly bought. All pouches are slowly switching to multicam.


Here you also see that I picked up a TMC Air Frame with Crye Rails and Ops-Core shroud. I still have the Maritime, this is just going to be my green helmet.


I also picked up Allwin sets of Woodland and AOR2, of which you see the woodland here.


Here's an in game selfie:






Edited by Saint2558

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Woodland clothing, Multicam PC, and an AOR1 sling. 2Operator4Me. On a more serious note, aren't those PC's like, $1,000,000?


Yeah, the sling is going to be swapped for a VTAC or VCAS in multicam...eventually. And yeah, it was something like $350 or so. But well worth it.

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