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Need some advices about Well g96d (clone ares AW338)

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Hello guys, I have read a lot of reviews about Well G96D


But they are mainly written by people who were still excited after they got their rifle just about 1 - 2 days. So I can't get much of informations that I'm really seeking for. Well, so you guys who had this rifle, played with it a little long time, please give me some advices about:

- How about its stock performance?And its system vs KJ M700 system? (I mean Ares system vs Tanaka system)

- Is it durable without any upgrades? In case of use propane (green gas)

- If I want to upgrade it, what more could I do than replace its inner barrel, its bucking and nub?

- Finally, did you have any problem with it? What is that problem?

- In case of I wouldn't skirmish with it too much (in fact, when we play bolt-action only style game, other than that I still prefer my M16 DMR), and could provide enough maintenance for it, do you recommend this rifle for me?


And what about KJ M700? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/sniper-rifles/k...down-model.html

I know it's clone of Tanaka M700, so its system will be great, and much more upgrade parts than Well G96D which has a few propriate parts especially Hop up chamber. But the reviews I have read is about at least 1 year ago. So have any of G96D parts released recently?


So crazy but have to say my heart set on G96D. But my budget is not too high and I still need a part of it for my next project ... Then, I would prefer a rifle which is durable and consistent than a good-looking rifle. Please understand it for me :( So if you had to choice between Well G96D and KJ m700 in terms of Durable, Accuracy and Upgradable, would the G96D have a chance? Thank you guys so much!




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