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WTS CA sr25 parts gun+5 metal mid caps(pics added last post)

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Hello again everyone.

today im looking to sell my CA sr25 airsoft gun,

its a full metal AEG except for the stock and motor grip.

this gun is currently not working, the back of the piston blew out rendering the gun non functional.

besides that part which can be found here:


the gun has all the parts it needs: hell ill even buy the piston when the gun is sold and have it shipped to you. I just don't have time to do it my self with school starting up again


gearbox is the V 2.5 extended one (radius'ed)

spring- shs m170

Gears- sector is classic army 19thooth gear, spur and bevel are Prometheus (previous owner had that set up)

cylinder, cylinder head(sorbo pad installed) piston head, nozzle are CA bore up kit

motor is a JG blue m42 high torque


CA chamber with normal nub

buckling is a Lonex hard type, with a Madbul 590mm barrel

the barrel has a r-hopup patch on it, the patch looks fine but I cant test it cause well the gun isnt working atm.

but ill be including 1 or two spare patches from clandestineairsoft.com just in cause it needs to be switched, or u can use them in another gun.


CAsr25 body, full stock, front ris including the QD silencer and CA motor grip.missing the charging handle

all external parts are included, they have some wear and tear on them from use but still very good condition. just some info the inner barrel does extend past the outer barrel of the gun. but that is covered up by the QD silencer.


the gun includes 5 metal mid caps. thats half the price right there

the price im looking to sell this for is 250+shipping

I also have a elcan specter the brown and bronze/gold one I can add with the gun for an additional 75

ill have pics up soon idk with class when ill have a chance.

please if you have any questions or concerns let me know, price is slightly negotiable I need the money for books and stuff for school.


tades list:

250 gig xbox 360 +extras


high end computer parts(cpu gpu, mobo, SSDs)

tablets etc

not really looking for airsoft stuff anymore. but I am looking for a magpul pts acs stock or UBR, no acm clones please


Edit 1: (08/28/2012)

ive had a few people asking me to part out mags, so heres the deal with that. ill part out only if the gun sells.

so if you want the sr25 with one single metal mid cap it will be 225+ shipping and the other 4 will be 20 bucks a piece + 5 shipping

also a quick edit on the trades list.

I will now be accepting a KIng arms Vltor m4 with the casv rail and vltor upper and lower.. king arms only and only the vltor version

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here are the pics I know alot of ppl have been waiting for, so im posting them here


this is the pic of the 5 mid caps each is metal, the full stock, pistol grip.



the CA gearbox



the trades on the silencer



the metal body, the body was repainted to a flat black paint, the CA trades are a bit hard to see because they where shallow and the paint filled them up.



the sr25 ris with trades



baggy of parts spring soring guide etc body pins



madbul tbb

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and sold

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