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Quitting Sale; All Workbench Parts and Spare Items

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Paypal only

I will usually ship within 1 day, USPS Priority, tracking provided.

All items are described as accurately as possible

No refunds

All items sold as-is

Not my responsibility after I ship out


PM all questions!



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

AK metal receiver cover-$10 shipped

AK pistol grip without stippling-$5 shipped

10'' full metal fluted outer barrel for M4-$15 shipped

15'' full metal outer barrel for M4-$15 shipped

DBOYS short SPR front rail. Need the hardware to mount-$15 shipped

All pistol grips-$7 shipped each. No hardware. First to buy one gets the worn tan one.

Classic Army (painted flat black) full metal lower receiver-$15 shipped




By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

CA Pistons. All $8 shipped, one without piston head/last tooth is $5 shipped.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Chromoly ones are $10 shipped each

Chromoly with epoxied aluminum cylinder head is $15 shipped

Brass are $5 shipped each.



By jlee1126 at 2012-08-02

Hop up buckings have seen some use, still have life left

Purple Prommy soft-$10 shipped

Red Prommy hard-$10 shipped w/ unpictured red nub.

Madbull Blue bucking-$8 shipped

All other buckings are sold



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Assorted springs, will gauge stiffness to confirmed springs that I own to give a ball park range of power. $5 shipped each

Air nozzles at the top are $3 shipped each.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

6 sets of CA gears-$20 shipped

I saw one sector in there with two broken teeth.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Random gears, mostly JG/unmarked, there's a Systema bevel in there as well. $20 shipped



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Modify 21:6:1 ratio torque gears. Missing 4 the bearing covers. This gearset is salvagable for the gears once the frame is popped open.

$15 shipped.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

CA V2 Gearbox w/ bearings-SOLD

Bare CA V2 gearbox$7 shipped

King Arms V3 gearbox with bearings-$15 shipped

JG V3 gearbox, one or two bushings in there. $7 shipped.

CA 7mm Bearings (NIB) SOLD



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

PDI M150-$8 shipped

Prommy M120-$8 shipped

Systema 300% spring for PSG-1-$8 shipped



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Falcon H-nub-Integrated GBB/VSR bucking, 400fps and under.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Falcon H-nub-Integrated GBB/VSR bucking, 400 fps and over.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

$12 shipped for all of these.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Short motors:

Marui stock w/motor cage-$7 shipped

SHS High speed-$15 shipped

Systema Turbo without pinion-$30 shipped

JG Stock-$5 shipped

Marui stock without pinion-$5 shipped

Marui stock with pinion-$7 shipped



TM EG1000 without pinion-$10 shipped

TerminusX Omega-$SOLD



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Aluminum ones are $8 shipped

Cheap plastic one is free

Black Polycarb is $6 shipped



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Anti-reversal latches-$4 shipped each



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Black Polycarb ones are $6 shipped

Others free.



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

M4 Selector plates-$5 shipped each



By jlee1126 at 2012-09-02

Tappet plates-$5 shipped each.



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