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WTS: Highly upgraded G&G SCAR-L, King Arms Pmags

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Payment via PayPal only. I ship using USPS services. Prices are OBO. If you want to contact me, use a PM and not the thread.


Trades/WTB (in order of importance):

- Replica Mich/IBH in OD + cash

- Replica (ACM) M900 + cash

- Replica (ACM) Surefire M961/M952 + cash

- 4 MAG M4 130/100rnd midcaps + cash

- M4 that needs work + cash





This is a great rifle. It shoots right around 390fps and about 25rps on a 7.4v lipo. This easily reaches past 200ft and is incredibly quiet. However, I just built an M4 and realized how much I like the M4 over the MK16. Price is $425 shipped OBO. I put a lot more into it than that. PM me if you want to see a firing test video.



- SHS 7mm solid bushings

- SHS 16:1 gears w/ nylon sector chip

- Lonex orange high torque motor (runs very cool)

- Supershooter ball bearing steel spring guide

- SHS M110 spring

- SHS 7 metal tooth piston

- Lonex POM piston head w/ #14 o-ring (AOE adjusted)

- SHS aluminum cylinder head w/ Scatterplot sorbo

- SHS aluminum air nozzle w/ internal o-ring

- SHS type 1 cylinder

- Madbull 407mm black python TBB

- HS5 m-nub

- R-hop

- 16 gauge FEP teflon wire w/ Lonex gold motor connectors and deans connectors

- Lonex trigger contacts



- Sky Lipo 3300mAh 7.4v 40C lipo (no wear on trigger contacts)

- AAC short SCAR QD barrel extension. I filled what I could with foam.


Problems: The trigger contacts don't behave properly. This used to be an over 400fps build, so it has the semi-only mod. So, if you don't pull the trigger the whole way it is full auto. If you pull it the whole way it is semi. I like this, it is sorta like a two-stage trigger, and I assume that it will work itself out once the contacts are well worn in (has less than 2k cycles with it). Also, I wired it directly to the rear so the stock no longer folds easily. That was so I could put in the battery that lasts about 10k rounds instead of being stuck with small type 8.4v's.









3x King Arms 360rnd high cap Pmags. They feed great and are in new condition. $65 shipped OBO.

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Bump. Feel free to almost low-ball. I just want to see what offers I can get.


EDIT: Just swapped out the Lonex motor for an EG700. RoF is more around 20-22rps now. Starting price is at $400.


Hey thanks again, mags came in time for a saturday training op.

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