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Which sniper should I get?

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I'm trying to decide between these 2 snipers:






The UTG one weighs 7 lb, and the WellFire one weighs 10 lb (heavier=better parts?)

They both come with a scope and bipod, but the UTG one is still $35 more (better quality?)

The WellFire one shoots a lot harder, but I plan on buying upgrades for the UTG one if I get it


Which one do you think is the better quality one and the one that I should get?



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the wellfire seems kinda sketchy to me but I wouldnt know for sure ive heard good things about the utg aside from the bolt problem, but ive also heard they fixed it so my advice since no one really answers ppl on here (from personal experience on asking about guns) do some more research or your own and I mean ALOT written and video reviews search search then search some more good luck man



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You will be destroyed by average players fielding an AEG against you.


Your both shooting a 6mm ball. You can get off one shot when they can get off 50 in the same time period.


If this is your first Airsoft weapon...skip Bolt Action Rifles...

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