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Wich M4 AEG should I check ?

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I want to buy my first AEG, but have no idea wich brand has good reliable guns.

I`m searching for an M4 that looks like the Knights Sr 16 and that has the required accuracy and distance for woodland games.


My first idea was to buy a KWA SR10, but is sold out and currently not available.


Now I am spoiled for choice- which Brand should I get.

King Arms ?


or the long version





This would blew up my budget, because I only want to spend 350$ maximum but when its a very good reliable gun out of the box with no probs, I would think abot it twice to buy it.


and one different style from G & P ?



Thank you for your help and srry for my bad english.


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Those are all good brands. Depends on what you look for. VFC is known for its ultra realistic externals and trademarks, and they are often extremely unique. If you however don't care for those G&P makes good guns with steel externals and 100% TM compatibility at an albeit cheaper price. KA makes pretty good guns from what I hear, but I have never seen one in person.



I would be able to vouch mostly for the G&P.

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