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Havoc Spartan

Lonex and Polar Star

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When I order my Prommy barrel, R hop, and Lonex Hopup I had to file a little bit of the back of the hopup to make my gun fit together. The back of the Lonex was to long (Literally mms) and eventually I got it to fit nice and tight on the inside of the air nozzle hole of the gearbox. I didn't change the FE position just undid my front pin pulled upper away from bottom and slid new barrel assembly in there. Since I've never had to do this, has anyone else had to do this and is this going to damage anything (Mechanically or functionality-wise)? I've never had a hopup sit a little inside the gearbox shell about 3-6 mm away from the back of the air nozzle. I played a match with it and it performed fine and I don't see damage. Inner barrel is really stable but I'm worried air nozzle might hit the hopup.


On a side note is there a P* section in the forum I'm missing or is everyone just going to P*talk?

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