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CYMA M14 w/ M150

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This is the route I've chosen to upgrade my CYMA M14. I need your input to help out. Thanks in advance.


Gearbox shimmed, relubed, radius'd, and piston teeth removed.

70D 1/4in. Sorbo

Lonex v.7 bearing spring guide.

Systema m150 spring

SHS short high torque motor

10.8 volt airsoft elite nimh

Compression and barrel stabilization mods.

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The battery would work fine with your setup. It will turn the motor over just fine. That being said, there are better motors out there that would utilize the power of your pack much better than the SHS can. A lot of the power from your battery is wasted in the forum of excess heat. A good lipo, as was already suggested, is a good idea, but a different, more efficient motor would be a better choice.

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