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POV Video Camera

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I've looked into the Pivothead Moab (http://pivothead.com/products/eyewear/moab/purple-haze) and I love them but the glasses are rated at ANSI Z80.3 (can't find too much info on this rating) and the minimum for airsoft is Z87.1 (or so I've read). Does anyone know where I can get lenses for these that will fit? Or if I can modify any pair of lenses rated high enough to make them fit? I don't wear a hat or helmet when I play airsoft so a helmet cam won't work and I love watching first person airsoft videos. Does anyone have any other alternatives when it comes to safety and recording?

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I personally would pick the gopro for a few reasons:



Its sturdy

Good sound and visual quality

High FPM

Good Battery life

Water proof

Can use it other than for airsoft without looking weird

Easier to fix the options

Easier to change the batter

Many more option available (extra cost)

Some have gps so you will never lose it

It mounts perfectly on helmets and gives you almost the same view



Somewhat big

More money


What if you glasses break? thats new frames or a new 300$ set of glasses. As for the gopro I have had it shot by airsoft, paintball and dropped 15ft under (waterproof case) and it works beautifully.


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