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Winter Build Off and Loadout Entries thread

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Welcome to the 2013 Build Off and Loadout Competition thread!

1. One gun or Loadout per post. It can be any gun or loadout you like, unless in violation of rule number 7. Remember, the most expensive items may not always win.
2. A single person can enter multiple guns or loadouts, yes, that means you can double post BUT ONLY IN THE ENTRIES THREAD.
3. Judges may not enter anything.
4. You may edit your post however you see fit.
If you wish to remove your entry, or you need to edit it and no longer can, Star_Folder, Airborne101, or any of the mods can help you. Please message one of them with the subject title "Build Off Assistance" and they will get to you when they can. Also, please only message one of them.
5. The Build Off will start December 21st, the first day of winter, and conclude on March 20th, the first day of spring.
6. All Discussion of entries is to be in this thread. All non entries posts will be deleted from the entries thread.
7. Previous winners may not re-enter winning guns without at least 50% difference, and must be verified by me. So you can enter a gun that has won in the past, but 50% of parts must be changed. That can be external, internal or both. All final decisions on this rule are mine, and mine only.
8. Remember what you post can be seen by anybody that is on the internet. This is especially true with the new Loadout Competition, as you may have your face exposed. If you are under 18, please have parental consent to post a non-edited photo on this forum. If you want your face blurred, but do not know how to do it, PM me. Please, be safe.
9. All other forum rules apply.

1. Turtletech
2. Gorbasho
3. Airborne101
4. C0m1ng-Sn1p3r
5. Paul-Gambardella
6. Zenocide
8. yawnjae
9. BBSlinger
10. AEGmaniac

1. Airborne101
2. Zenocide
3. Eat My M4
4. Paul-Gambardella
5. yawnjae
6. BBSlinger
7. AEGmaniac

Please use this thread for all discussions.

If you need anything, or have any questions, please PM me.

Let it all begin. Good Luck.
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I'll start off with my Como Un Jefe AK.

Originally a Crosman Pulse AK, the gearset stripped right after it started to misfeed. I opened up the gearbox and replaced the gears with a CA steel gearset. I then lubricated and shimmed it before putting it back together. I slapped the GB inside that AK, tweaked the hop-up and it was good to go. It wasn't until after the first major op with this gun that it earned the nickname, although I haven't followed up on plans to "spray paint it gold and bedazzle the :pain: out of it."


Parts list:

Stock CA Gearset....................$free

Duct Tape...............................$2

Stock ACM Sling......................Freebie

3x Midcap mags w/'magpuls'...$10

7.4v lipo battery.....................$18

Crayons (for trades)..............$1.50

Bottom line.............................$31.50


Performance: 300 FPS w/.2g bbs <AT> 12.4 RPS







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My finished Noveske SBR. This rifle has been through a lot, but after some money showers, blood, sweat, pain, suicidal thoughts, and tears... a lot of tears.... I think I'm happy :) I'll have a loadout to throw up whenever my HSGI order comes in as well :)


















Real Parts:

Vltor iMod ---------------------------------------------------------------$100

Magpul MOE trigger guard---------------------------------------------$9

Brownells "infidel" dust cover-----------------------------------------$20

Noveske NSR 11" rail system-----------------------------------------$255

Magpul RVG (cut down)------------------------------------------------$25

Noveske 7.62 barricade support--------------------------------------$60

Gear Sector scout mount----------------------------------------------$60

Surefire M600c Scout light--------------------------------------------$425

Surefire dual-button pressure switch---------------------------------$80

Magpul 2" rail segment (shaved down to be lower profile)--------$5

Magpul RSA------------------------------------------------------------$33

Magpul XTM (modified to fit behind barricade support)------------$2


Airsoft parts:

G&P buffer tube-------------------------------------------------------$35 (paint removed to show shininess)

Magpul PTS ASAP-----------------------------------------------------$30

Magpul PTS MIAD-----------------------------------------------------$50

Madbull MUR/Noveske receiver-------------------------------------$165

Madbull 11.5" Noveske outer barrel--------------------------------$60

Magpul PTS AAC supressor/compensator--------------------------$80

G&P (?) KAC style iron sights---------------------------------------$40ish (bought used)

Fake Aimpoint CompM4 of some sort------------------------------$20

G&P Ambidextrous magazine release------------------------------$18

PolarStar Fusion Engine---------------------------------------------$450

ProWin hopup unit---------------------------------------------------$30

Prometheus purple bucking----------------------------------------$15

Deepfire H-Nub------------------------------------------------------$10

PDI 6.05 285mm inner barrel--------------------------------------$85


Total: $2162

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This my entry.

Infinity Tiki!

TM Hi Capa based.








Airsoft Surgeon Tiki hybrid Kit: $539

Prime Infinity style Grip: $320

ProG4 SV style Hammer: $54

ProG4 Infinity style Trigger: $28

ProG4 Trigger bow: $30

Nova grip safety: $73

KA Recoil & hammer springs: $6

9Ball purple bucking : $17.50

9Ball inner barrel custom cut length : $33

9Ball Gas sealing Routes: $15


Total: $1115.50



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Serbu Super Shorty 12 gauge






*disassembled new magazine system


I built this replica from an ACM Mossberg M500 6mm shotgun. It was in bad shape, missing some parts for the magazine tube carousel and the slide arms were broken. I saw this as a great opportunity to chop it down, fix it up and give it a 2nd life as a new shotgun. First the outer/inner barrel and external magazine tube were chopped down to 6 1/2". Then I fabricated a new magazine tube mounting bracket out of steel. I put in a pair of Deep Fire steel slide arms and modified the slide with a steel bracket for the vertical grip to fit on. The folding vertical grip itself is made out of PVC. Because of parts missing on the original feed mechanism I sorted it out by making an entirely new magazine from scratch (last picture) ditching the whole carousel system as it took too much space for the shortened tube. The idea came to me from Tokyo Marui's shotgun shells which I essentially copied only making it twice as long holding a capacity of 60 bbs for 12 effective shots. With the gas system opened up, cleaned and plugged up with sealant it holds enough gas for approximately 25-30 shots, zero leaks. Loaded with 5 x .20g bbs it chronos 240-260fps and if loaded with .25g bbs will shoot fist size groups at 10m spreading out to 1m radius at 25m distance. Group widens dramatically if loaded with mixed weight bbs.


ACM M500 (2nd hand, broken) - $35

Deep Fire steel slide arms - $33.50

cannibalized magazine spring from Uzi mid cap - $3

materials used for other fabricated parts and paint - $10

IDF sling - $12


Total cost - $93.50



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A little nervous given the beautiful guns in this thread, but here goes. The base gun is a CYMA CM041.


Parts list:

AE Hammerfish kit (Laylax Swordfish clone)

SHS 16:1 gears

SHS delay chip

SHS piston, 7 metal teeth

Lonex ported aluminum pistonhead

Sorbo pad

Matrix Magnum 3000 motor

Hurricane reinforced tappet plate

SHS double O-ring cylinder head

double O-ring ASN

Madbull 6.01 247mm TBB

Systema bucking

Echo-1 H nub (prommy hop-up bridge coming)

Guarder M120 spring

Extreme-Fire non AB Mosftet

HUTU - 2 UV, 2 Blue, 1 white LEDs

Shorty fore grip

Leapers 1.25-4x32 illuminated scope (had this laying around)

green laser

UTG xenon flashlight w/red filter


Other-custom painting--dark bronze on the side covers, flash and laser mounts, outer barrel painted dark gunmetal metallic + dusting of 'smoke'. Hard to tell from the pictures, but the bronzing has some slight 'weathering' painted on as well. The red light filter was also painted black on the edges because the it is a single piece of transparent red plastic that clips onto the soft plastic holder. Ejection port cover was stripped and cold chemical blued, outside of stock cylinder was also blued.


Not quite done with this yet. I plan on grinding down the right side selector switch because I like a relatively high grip, and right now the selector sticks into my hand when set on auto.


p.s. the 'before' shooting picture is the CYMA absolutely bone stock. The after picture was done right after the GB was reassembled, which may explain the really crazy low flier.


p.p.s. the reason for the replacement of the tappet plate was because the original delay chip that I used was metal, and it spun away from the shaft, jammed the GB and took a few chucks out of the stock TP and bent it after the initial build and within 5 shots of the test shooting. The front of the new TP was reduced 0.5mm in thickness and the tab that contacts the sector nub has been reduced in length to 11mm.


Now for the pics:








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Classic Army 15a4 (Link to photobucket) http://s1288.beta.photobucket.com/user/Bri...043217803399187


Magpul pst stock

Magpul pst hanguard

MOE fore-grip

AMP Compact Combat Red Dot Scope

AMP tact light and preasure switch

Carry handle rail mount

high torque motor

full metal construction

avg. 375 fps


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My Entry is my:


MK18 Block 2, 14.5in barrel

-G&P Full Metal Colt Lower Receiver -$60

-Full Metal G&P Upper Receiver -$50

-Madbull DD MK18 RIS II FDE 12in -$110

-G&P 14.5in 5,56 NATO one piece barrel -$40

-G&P Birdcage Flash Hider -$15

-G&P KAC FDE Flip up front sight -$45

-Real Steel Troy Modular Vertical Grip Aluminum FDE -$60

-Real Magpul/ERGO Ladder rail covers FDE -$25

-SpecterDr fully functional 1x-4x zoom FDE -$260

-G&P 600m Rear flip up sight FDE - $45

-Real Magpul STR stock FDE -$100

-Remington P30 Orange Ear plugs (Lol its a touch I add to all my rifles) -$0.50

-Magpul PTS MOE Grip FDE -$30

-Bravo Functioning PEQ-15 Light/Green Laser FDE -$60

-Magpul ASAP Sling mount -$30

-Polar Star V2 Fusion Engine Revision 2 -$450

-Polar Star Fusion Engine Blue Nozzle -$included^

-Bravo 1 Piece Full metal Hopup -$30

-Guarder Black 70 Degree Bucking -$6

-PCS Nub -$10

-363mm Madbull Black Python II TBB (undergoing R-Hop modification right now) -$35


Total -$1461.5





Rifle is tuned to shoot 375 FPS with .20's Semi Auto Only


Took me around 5 months to get/find all of the parts I needed. Enjoy =)

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Hello, I'd like to enter my winter kit. In retrospect I should have done the pictures with my AK but oh well.



Full-res: http://I.imgur.com/iX78Y.jpg



Full Res: http://I.imgur.com/o5GrW.jpg



- Emerson MICH 2000 Helmet w/ snakeskin paintjob

- ALICE Rig w/ holster (See picture below.)

It's a very simple loadout, but since it's for the winter I'd like to lighten my gear as much as possible because it's hard enough to walk in the snow as is.



From Left to right:

Compass Pouch (I use it to carry a spare 20 round STANAG),

x3 STANAG mag pouch,

Universal Dropleg holster (I've modified mine for the hip, as because I'm short, have problems rolling with a dropleg and kneepads),

x3 STANAG mag pouch

Buttpack w/ MOLLE Mag pouch on top ( I use this for buddy mag or radio if need be )

IFAK Pouch (On suspenders) - For carrying misc items that need to be in a waterproof container.

Misc MOLLE pouch - For things such as tools, speedloader, dead rag, glowsticks, and it has a pouch I use for Thunder-B's.

x3 STANAG mag pouch

x3 STANAG mag pouch

Pistol mag pouch


And for other pictures of the kit:






I wish I could have gotten a picture of my left side.



Good luck to everyone else!

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Here's my HK/KAC P* G36

The first high end airsoft gun that I bought many years ago and with many changes. Started off as a completely stock CA G36K and then I kept modifying it as my fancy went. Had it as a DMR for the longest time and eventually grew tired of the role so hopefully this will stay as is=]






As it stands

- G&P KAC QD silencer

- Custom front end extension

- Real steel KAC RAS

- CA G36 bipod

- Army Code receiver

- Real steel KAC BUIS

- G&P KV stock

- Prometheus 6.03 w/ flat hop

- P* V3 fusion engine

- CA drum mag

- Incoming EoTech XPS








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Hello, I would like to offer my first of two entries into the 2013 Winter Build-Off.


KAC M110 SASS (ARES XM110 with p*)


Before I get started, I would like to give a big thanks to Bingo Airsoft Works. Without his custom installation, this build would be in shambles. Thank you.




XM110 Flashider

Full Length KAC Style RIS Covers (Tan Tope) X3

KAC Harris Bipod RIS Mount

Harris Bipod

M93 LED/ IR Surefire (DE)

KAC QD Sling Swivel Mount (Tan Tope)

KAC Scope Mount (Tan Tope)

G&P Replica Leupold (Sand)


Several Standard & Hicap SR/M110 Mags with DE Magpul



P* (420 FPS Nozzle, Strengthened FCU Connectors, 9V Adapter, Custom Install)

Prometheus 509 6.03

Modified ARES Hop with R Hop


Interesting Facts:

I had been looking for this rifle for a very long time. Finding this particular model with the proper(isn) trades is nearly impossible. Anyway, because of the trademarks, the seller would not ship to the US, so I had it shipped to Taiwan, then Canada, and finally to me. It was such a hassle, and IMO entirely unnecessary!


The upper receiver (proprietary of course...as well as the rare tan color) cracked! Literally split down the length of the integrated flattop RIS near the charging handle. Lucky I had a random replacement I purchased long before I was aware of the crack.


Possibly the most functional & accurate representation of the KAC M110 SASS I have seen :D


Costs Associated with the build:



P* + Install-------------$550


Approx Total:----------$1550


Yes, I spent too much. Im happy.















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My second entry: G&P SR25K URX P*


It took me a good while to find this guy as well. I found her at a random shop in southern Ohio...ill take what I can get!




G&P Marine Battery Stock (Short)


SR25 Front & Rear Irons

Magpul AFG II

KAC Full Length RIS Covers X2

KAC QD Swivel Mount

Larue SPR Mount

Replica (No actual scope in this flavor exists) leupold carbine scope

G&P SPR Grip



Prometheus 6.03

R Hop

P* (375 FPS, Strengthened FCU Connections 9V adaptor)

















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I'm entering my completely scratch built polarstar. It shoots a variable FPS of 300 to 650. Max effective range (400fps w/ .20s) is 300 feet. RPS is set to 15.







List of parts-



-G&P MagPul/Vltor body

-CA Buffer Tube

-G&P KAC Buffer Tube Sling Adapter

-G&P Sling Mount x2

-MagPul MOE Stock

-MagPul MOE HandGrip

-Systema bolt catch

-G&P Aimpoint T1

-MadBull 11" Spike's Tactical Rail

-Noveske 14" Barrel

-Burnt KAC Compensator

-MagPul Flip-up sights

-MagPul Ladder rail covers

-MagPul XTMs (stippled)

-MagPul AFG (stippled)

-Surefire M600C Scout Replica Light

-G&P PEQ-15

-12x K120 magazines w/ Ranger plates



-Polarstar Fusion Engine

-Red Nozzle

-ProWin HopUp chamber

-Prometheus Purple Bucking

-Orga 6.23mm 363 barrel

-SLP Air Rig

-Ninja 90/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank


Total: $2,205



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Crusader MB556K muzzle brake

Troy low profile gas block

Knight's Armament URX 3.1

Knight's Armament URX 3 grip panels

Larue Tactical index clips

Aimpoint Micro T-1 w/ Knight's Armament high NVG mount

VFC micro BUIS

BCM Gunfighter's grip MOD 1

Magpul RSA

Magpul ASAP

Magpul CTR stock w/ enhanced buttpad

Magpul MS3

Inforce WML-HSP

HSP Thorntail offset mount

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Loadout post; belt was riding a bit high.












Magnum Spider Elite boots

Propper Multicam BDU pants

Alta Kneepads

Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie

Oakley SI Gloves

Black Face Wrap



Ops-Core FAST Bump replica helmet

Comtac Helmet mount replica

Comtac replicas

Wilcox PVS-15 replica mount

MS2000 Strobe

2x V-Lites

Calyume sticks w/ holder

War Sports War Bungee

ESS Turbofans

GWA Patches



Mayflower APC

EssTac KYWI Triple

EssTac KYWI Double

Marz Tac Utility

HSGI Radio




Medic shears

Pantac mini dump

Pantac MBSS






HSGI Suregrip belt

Em-Domm CM riggers

EssTac KYWI double

Pantac dump

First Spear 1911 double

1911 SERPA



Scratch-built polarstar

8x K120 mids w/ Ranger plates


Marui Desert Warrior

3x mids


Total price without guns and mags: $2175

Total price with guns and mags: $4680

Edited by Short/Stack

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This is my VFC HK417D.


Externally it has:

Magpul MBUS in FDE

Magpul XTMs in FDE and OD

Magpul AFG2 in FDE

LaRue Tactical scope mount

Leapers 1-4X24 Shotgun Scope

Scatterplot Carbon Fiber Mock Suppressor

And yes, that is a Contour camera gun mount at the front of the gun



Riot 10.44:1 gear set

SHS 15t Piston

Stock VFC Bushings

Stock VFC piston head

Stock VFC cylinder

Stock VFC cylinder head

Stock VFC air nozzle

Stock VFC tappet plate.

Extreme-Fire Cheetah Mosfet with TriggerMaster v5.0 software

Core 455mm 6.03 Tightbore Barrel


Element M135 spring

Stock VFC Spring guide

Lonex A2 Motor


Custom modifications:

AFG2 is copped to allow room for my hand behind it, and up against the magwell.

A bit of electrical tape on the Contour camera mount to help secure the camera, keeps it from jiggling around.

Wooden wedges under the rail system to stabilize the outer barrel.

Slight sanding on the rear MBUS sight to allow the scope mount to sit all the way back for proper eye relief.

AoE corrected with the aid of 70D sorbo on the cylinder head, and 1 nylon washer behind the piston head.

Bearings from the piston head have been removed.

The piston has been heavily swiss cheesed.

Shimmed via the bevel gear method.

Gearbox reinforcement was in the way of the 10:1 bevel, required modification to remove the extra material to allow the gear to fit.

New, longer trigger contacts, not quite a hair trigger, but still better than the longer stock trigger pull.

The modifications required to install an ER-hop.

Barrel has also been stabilized with a small wooden wedge.

ARL had to be modified to fully engage the bevel gear. Basically had to turn it into a 90* angle so that it would latch in appropriately.

Cut the spring and then flattened the cut end.


Gets 44rps on an 11.1v 2650mah 20c battery



Chronos at 398fps with .25s +/- 2fps. (perfect for the 400fps full auto cap)



Opposite side of the gearbox, a little better view at how the wires run down the side. If you notice, you can also see the normal trigger sled spring at the top of the trigger assembly.




The trigger assembly. You can see it in all it's glory. What's worse about it is that it uses standard parts. The housing and the trigger itself are the only proprietary parts about it. The trigger tabs are normal M4 tabs, as is the trigger sled. A poor design, rather annoying, the trigger sled spring. Normally, you stick it around a post in the M4, but here you have to fit a screw through it. I have to get a small screw driver to grab the spring and move it into a position that I can put the screw through it, as it is under tension with the screw installed.



Gearbox split apart. It's seem aprox 10k rounds at this point. That's the extra third part of the gearbox behind it. The part that the pistol grip screws onto. Thankfully, VFC did this well enough that the pistol grip fits onto the gearbox and body with no wiggle, but it's still flush, making the shimming a tad bit easier. It sill makes for a difficult angle to shim everything, but it's doable.



10:1s didn't fit, due to bevel gear "reinforcement" I had to dremel it away.





Top of the gearbox, er, the right half of the gearbox. Shows a little more of that "reinforcement." Doesn't get in the way of the 10:1s, and it didn't get in the way of the stock ratio. I'm unaware if 13:1s would fit easily, or if torque gears would fit easily. I believe 13:1s would fit without issue, you wouldn't need to modify the bevel area either, but I think torque ratio, or anything requiring a half tooth piston would not fit without modification.



VFC did radius the cylinder, and they did a good job. It's a little small, but it works.



The stock ARL could not latch into the 10:1 bevel, or riot bevels entirely, if I had to guess. The edge was too straight, and the next ARL latch point would start to push the ARL out of the way just enough to cause it to be unable to latch into the bevel. I had to grind the tip down, and then bevel the inner edge out so that it would mesh with the bevel gear.





And for the sake of the Build Off:



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Less of a gun more of a masterpiece:KJW M40 A5








with .30 gram bbs




Externals: This comes as a package build for buyers

Real Steel A5 M700 short action stock

M3 replica scope

G&G Heavy barrel with SR25 suppressor mounting bracket

G&P SR25 suppressor

Tanaka M700 29 round magazine



Madbull Ultimate 6.01mm Tight Bore

Stock hopup


Story: We build M40 A5s for customers who want to take realism to the next level. We take an real M700 short action stock of their choosing and mod it to accept the kjw or tanaka M700 rifle. The barrel free floats and at no time makes contact with the stock. The gun chronos in at 417 fps with .40 bbs


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My G&P MOE Grenadier


Parts List: (Prices are what I paid, not market value)


G&P MOE Carbine-$285

Madbull Omega X 12"-$120

DBoy M203- $30

TAPCO Rail Covers- $12

B-2 Aimpoint- $20

DBoy PEQ- Free

Tenergy 7.4v 1600Mah Lipo- $20

G&G 6.03 Tightbore- $20


Total- $507


Byfar my favorite and most expensive Airsoft rifle to date. It runs like a dream and shoots straight and accurate. Effective range is around 190-220Ft at around 20RPS. This was the look I was going for, and fortunately, the parts to complete the build were relatively cheap. G&P Makes beautiful rifles, and Madbull makes beautiful Rail systems.


The rifle was purchased this Christmas for a discounted price. Most of the other parts were purchased used. The Madbull 12" Rail System was purchased a few days ago from Amped Airsoft.


Now for pics.
























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fcma172's Scratch Built M4 Carbine Modular Assault Weapon System


The story so far: Our story on this build begins here. Back in 2011, I embarked on a quest to build myself a M4 to call my own that I had designed the look of and assembled from the ground up myself. Back then I didn't know how to work on my own guns, and I had the help of some local techs. Fast forward to early 2012, and I had made some advances in my build. I was able to add a second complete upper, which expanded the versatility of my system. Now fast forwarding to now, I have updated the build to new heights. I can now work on my own weapons (but I am still learning), and I have been able to bring this M4 to a level that isn't commonly seen on fields where I play. What started as a project to build myself 1 AEG has turned into what is possibly the most modular weapon system you will ever see in airsoft. 3 upper receivers, 4 hopups, 2 lower receivers (One gas and one electric), allow for an airsoft assault weapon with 6 possible configurations.,


For the story of building the original rifle and the second upper, please refer to the Winter build off 2012 post linked above.


Upgrading the rifle: After using the rifle for a bit over a year, I decided with my new found knowledge is gearboxes to upgrade it myself. This is only the second AEG I've ever done work on in my life. (

) When I opened up the AEG, I found that the original tech who put together the gearbox for me (now no longer working at the local shop for being a poor tech and a bad person), shimmed the gears so tightly that they only worked because of the bearings he put in along with a torque motor. I installed SHS 13:1 gears, re-shimmed everything, re-wired the entire gun with 16GA deans ultra wire, and installed a JG red motor. I also switched over to using 2 7.4V 1200mAh 20C LiPos with a parallel adapter in my crane stock, so it's like using a 2400mAh 7.4V 20c LiPo. Some time later, my cylinder snagged my piston head o-ring and tore it out, and also it broke my piston head. I replaced the piston head, o-ring, and cylidner and some time later the (new, stock) cylinder again tore out the o-ring. Fed up with my o-rings being torn out I bought a Prometheus cylinder, which by design would eliminate this problem. After changing out my piston head, o-ring and cylinder though, my FPS shot through the roof (was shooting 450fps with a Madbull m120 spring!). When I went to downgrade my spring, I also put in a ball bearing spring guide. I put in a Modify m100+ spring, which is giving me a new consistent FPS of 385. I'll post a chrono video later with all off the setups. (Note: also installing a basic MOSFET (long overdue) on Friday)


Building a third upper: After selling a specific set of grenade shells with a launcher over a year ago, I saw the exact setup re-listed on here and bought it back,a s I always regretted getting rid of those grenades. After getting the grenades and launcher back, I decided I wanted a barrel mounted M203 instead of a rail mounted one, as they made the weapon more compact in that they sit much closer to your barrel center line and are more securely mounted. I decided to go for a railed M4 look, but with a VLTOR flip up sight gas block like on the original 14.5" upper to keep a theme going and make them look a little similar, while also making my rail look more monolithic. Here is a concept draft of what I was going for. I got lucky and found a full metal King Arms Colt M4 for only $100 ($60 cost since I sold the internals for $40). I used parts off of it (the lower, buffer tube, and the entire upper assembly) to upgrade my rifle and build the 3rd upper. After getting an old CA launcher for only $75, a VLTOR gas block for only $18, and a CQB RIS from a friend for my birthday I went about assembling it all. The launcher actually had a LOT of play in it and wasn't secure on mounting, but with the efforts of masking tape to shim it and JB weld to keep the barrel nut in place, I was able to make it as solid as a rock, with no wobble left (except for the tube itself). Here is a picture of the finished 3rd upper on the rifle, with the replaced lower and buffer tube as well. (Picture was of a full load out (gear in other pictures) that I carried for a day of play).


Making it a GBBR: So my local airsoft shot (which I now work at as a BASR technician) got the G&G GBBR combat machines in stock. At first we laughed them off as being poor rifles because only 1 website (Airsoft Atlanta) has spare magazines for $50 each, and they were finicky out of the box. After doing a bit of looking around though, I figured out that the G&G GBB gearboxes were actually slightly modified GHK GBBR drop in kits. Knowing this I was able to find spare magazines everywhere, and I picked up 5 from Evike for only $188, shipping and taxes included. (I live in California). I then also figured out that if I got the rifle, I could modify the internals slightly and make it work in my spare King Arms lower and one of my 2 uppers that wasn't on the AEG currently. I got the rifle itself for free because of money owed to me for tech work, and set about modifying it to fit into the king arms body. (Had to cut off part of the bolt, change the charging handle spring, and modify the King Arms upper receiver. Also had to add spacers to the hopup to make sure it meets the nozzle every time.) After modification and some thinking, I realized that since the body and uppers were the same as the multi system I already had in place for the AEG, all I needed was a spare GBBR hopup (on order from G&G) to be able to use all 3 upper receivers on EITHER setup, gas or electric. The only thing I have left to do to make the systems 100% cross compatible is to modify the GBBR gearbox to work with normally setup AEG charging handles. After that, all I need to do to switch uppers is the same procedure I already employ with the AEG, just with a barrel swap too. So now I can run all 3 uppers (M203, 14.5, and shorty) with the GBBR version, and all 3 uppers with the AEG version.

Please note that this video was just a function test, well before a lot of tuning that has gone into the rifle since.



Performance: This space will be filled with numbers and videos as I take updated information over the next few days. I expect about 20 RPS with the 7.4V LiPo and 30 RPS with an 11.1V LiPo for the AEG <AT> 385 FPS with 0.2's. For the GBBR I don't know what to expect aside from 20 RPS in full auto (fast for a GBBR IMO. This si because the bolt only moves to the back of the gearbox to cycle instead of into the buffer tube.)



Parts list: Total cost was $709 spent over 2 years (about $1 a day)


Base Rifle Externals: $187

G&G Crane stock: $10

King Arms M4 Buffer tube: $10

G&G Metal Sling Plate: $5

Magpul MOE Grip (authentic): $12

King Arms Colt M4 body: $30

ARMS style rear flip up sight: $5

Madbull 7 inch Daniel Defense LITE rail system: $80

Magpul XTM Rail Covers (5 panels, authentic): $0

G&P Tango Down Stubby Vert Grip: $10

Madbull one piece 14.5 inch M4 outer barrel: $15

Bravo VLTOR style gas block flip up sight: $10

Standard M4 Birdcage flash hider: $0


Internals $193

G&G Gray Hopup: $0 (Works great with my setups)

G&G Green stock bucking + nub: $0

Madbull 6.03mmx363mm tight bore: $30

JG Red Neodymium motor (22 TPA): $45

Scratch built gearbox: $118


JG 7mm Metal V2 shell

7mm ball bearing bushings

Modify shims

SHS 13.65:1 ratio gear set (Exact ratio, counted the teeth myself)

JG trigger contacts with 16GA Deans Wet noodle wiring and deans plugs

VFC Ball Bearing Spring Guide

Modify M100+ Spring

King Arms Red Polycarbonate Piston

Modify POM piston head w/bearing

Prometheus Type C cylinder

JG Cylinder Head, Tappet Plate and Nozzle


Complete Second Upper Receiver: $148

King Arms Colt M4 Upper Receiver: $0

Madbull 7 inch Daniel Defense LITE rail system: $70

Magpul XTM Rail Covers (5 panels, authentic): $0

G&P Tango Down Stubby Grip: $8

JG 120mm outer barrel: $17

Spartan Doctrine Nave Seals 110mmx30mm Suppressor: $16

G&G Gray Hopup: $0

G&G Green stock bucking + nub: $0

Madbull 6.03mm x 229mm tight bore: $17

KJW 10/22 Flip up Iron sights (Gen 2): $20 (normally $35 for the set)


Complete Third Upper Receiver: $113

King Arms Colt M4 Upper Receiver: $20


King Arms 14.5: military style outer barrel: $0

Classic Army barrel mounted M203: $75

King Arms VLTOR style gas block flip up sight: $18

King Arms Flash hider: $0


GBBR lower: $68

King Arms Metal NSW Body: $53

G&G Combat machine GBBR (In tan): $0 (free as compensation for tech work)

G&G Stock GBBR hopup, bucking and nub: $0

King Arms stock M4 length barrel: $0

G&G M27 Grip: $10

G&G LE Stock: $5



Chronograph video:

All results with Javelin 0.2's. (These BB's suck, but it's what was on hand. I think they explain some of the outliers)

The Launcher upper chrono's an average of 394.125 FPS over 8 shots with a FPS range of 392-398 with the 363mm tight bore on the AEG

The Short upper chrono's an average of 355.8 FPS over 6 shots with a FPS range of 354 - 358 with the 229mm tight bore on the AEG

The Gas Long upper chrono's an average of 378.2 FPS over 5 shots with a range of 371 - 382 FPS. (371 was an outlier on this one, BB's maybe?)

The AEG gets 17 RPS with my 7.4V 2400mAh 20C LiPo. The GBBR gets 20 RPS, but the Jevelin BB's wer mis-feeding, so the video doesn't show this.



Pictures: Click any picture for the full sized version!

th_P2090033.jpg th_P2090036.jpg th_P2090040.jpg th_P2090047.jpg th_P2090050.jpg th_P2090055.jpg th_P1300008.jpg


In Action: Photo's were taken at a local outdoor game about a month ago. Also lent it to a friend mid game since his primary went down. Click any picture for the full sized version!

th_58228_477283582329669_1549123739_n.jpg th_408411_477282155663145_298299296_n.jpg th_536972_477282725663088_1396657822_n.jpg th_537326_477282185663142_675245971_n.jpg th_603140_477281768996517_1872465574_n.jpg th_549883_477281312329896_265212020_n.jpg th_397603_477281308996563_1146386285_n.jpg

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Remington XP-100





This started with a JG BAR-10, chopped the barrel and fused it with the front tapered section of an acm shotgun barrel (conveniently sourced from making my Serbu). Trigger was chopped and modified to connect with the new forward trigger which was fabricated from aluminum. As I couldn't quite manufacture Zytel, the material the real XP-100 uses for its stock, I made do with a different procedure that mimics the finish. The core of the stock is carved from layers of marine plywood stuck together and covered with a mixture of sawdust + woodglue. The modified magazine holds 20 rounds and is held in place by the plastic trigger guard which swivels open. Installed a 6.03x247mm Vanaras tightbore, A+ hop rubber, SHS steel trigger sear and foam rubber barrel spacers. Hop up is also TDC modified.


Here's a short video montage of its construction process;


Seems I couldn't edit my entry post anymore so I'll just post the performance specs of my XP-100. Measures 325fps using .30g bbs on a Guarder chrono. It gets a level flight path well up to 60m with a foot variance in windage and drops off at around 70-80m so I'd put effective range at a good 60m. My farthest clean kill from yesterday was 50m with only his head poking out of cover. At 20m, here's how it prints on paper:


Black ring is 3" in diameter and best group (top) measures 1.71" with second best at a little over 2".

*shooting a little high because I've zeroed the scope at 30m.

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Edited in shooting data ~Airborne101

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Tokyo Marui HK PSG-1 + G&G Metal Body + 1 off performance part smoothness!!



I was fed up with this platform BUT my good friend "Gungineer" CNC'd me a steel ARL for this gun so I felt obligated to make the most reliable TM PSG-1 EVER!


So the project was built around this one part!




Since the gun was only $50 USD I didnt feel so bad dropping $160 on a systema gear/piston set along with a host of other goodies from Tokyo Marui, Guarder and Systema.

(even a brand new cut off lever straight from TM factory!)




The TM PSG-1 was ahead of it's time with mechanical active braking, precocking semi-auto, and a recoil blowback set up.


I went a step further and ditched the mechanical active braking for a mosfet driven one. At first I ditch the braking function all together but it turns out the semi-auto doesnt function without it.




I wanted power but not unreliable 600 fps power. I used a Gungineer Teflon O-ring and a Guarder SP100 spring to bump the power to 385~fps +/-10 fps.






-Guarder SP100 Spring

-Guarder Aluminum Piston head

-Guarder Tappet Plate

-Gungineer Steel ARL

-Gungineer Teflon O-ring

-Systema 300% Gears

-Systema Aluminum Piston

-Systema 6mm metal bushing

-Systema Spring guide

-Systema Hop up Bucking/Marui nub/TM factory barrel

-Golgo 13 rewire/Mosfet/Deans

-G&G Metal body

-TM PSG-1 Bipod


What you end up with is a retardedly accurate, reliable, smooth clean looking AEG with NO HOSES and NO WIRES! holla at me




Accuracy video



FPS video



Blow back video(uploading, please standby)



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Results are compiled and ready to be presented. First off, I would like to say that this year's competition was a trial run for some new ideas, and those will be expanded on, and refined in the future. Also, it was very close, with only one category being won by more than one vote. All of the entries were competitive, and enjoyable for me to look at. On to the results!



Best Budget: Renegadecow's Serbu Super Shorty 12 gauge

Best Polarstar: TIE Beteween 1337cat's Noveske SBR and Second-hand Shooters' G&P SR25K URX

Best AEG:Star_Folder's 417

Best Non-M4: Renegadecow's XP-100

Best Loadout: Short/Stack's Loadout


Best Overall: The aggregate scores were used to determine this. First place scored an 8.5833 out of 10. Second scored 8.5556. It was that close. The overall winner of this year's Winter Build off is:


Star_Folder's 417!



Congratulations to all!


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