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Leaving for Basic Training Sale

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I've enlisted in the army and no longer have time to play airsoft. Some of my gear is a little dirty and I'll do my best to clean them up before I ship them. You are more than welcome to offer up, but please NO LOWBALLING.


Here are my rules for this sale:

1.] Please give reasonable offers

2.] Act like adults

3.] PM me see if something is still available. I will not NOT through the Topic Page

4.] Unless stated otherwise, shipping is NOT INCLUDED. I've priced my items to move

5.] I WILL combine shipping on most items (I.e. items that are about the same size)

6.] NO TRADES. I'm leaving for Basic on February 4th and have no need for any more airsoft items.


All up-close images can be found on my PhotoBucket account. My username is rhurtado86.




1.] Pantac WeeSach = $65

2.] Blackhawk Rifleman Vest = $40





3.] Firedragon Cross Draw Vest = $5

4.] Israeli LBE = $5





From the Top to Bottom. Each pistol comes with 1 magazine unless otherwise stated.


5.] KJW 1911 MEU = $75-->All 3 Magazines are INCLUDED. The rear sight has a little ding in it.

6.] TM Glock 17 Custom w/ Full Trades = SOLD

7.] WE 3.8 HiCapa = $50

8.] WE 1911 Hybrid = $50 --> ALL 3 magazines are INCLUDED (I have another magazine that is not pictured)

9.] WE 1911 Commander = SOLD

10.] KJW M9 = SOLD





11.] Army Surplus ACU BDUs in Medium Regular = $20

12.] Tru Spec ACU Boonie = $8





13.] USMC Frogman BDUs in Medium Regular = SOLD





14.] Thunder B Replacement Bodies (12) = SOLD





The only things not for sale are the CONDOR Admin Pouch and the two OD Green pouches that look like eTool covers.


15.] FDE FastMag Double AR Magazine Pouch = SOLD

16.] FDE FastMag AR Magazine and Double Pistol Magazine Pouch = $10 each

17.] OD Green Matrix Radio Pouch = $2

18.] Khaki Condor Double Magazine Pouch = $4 each --> one of the pouches has a molle strap that has come loose.

19.] Khaki Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch = $10

20.] OD Green Condor Double AR Magazine Pouch = $4

21.] Black Guarder Battery Pouch = $4





22.] Gas tubes = $1

23.] Gas tube w/ Gas Block = $3

24.] Replica SafariLand Holster = $20 --> Has a crack

25.] Patches = $2

26.] ACM Vert Grips = $3 --> 1 LEFT

27.] Knight's Armament Vert Grip = $5

28.] ACM M3 Tactical Light = SOLD

29.] Streamlight M3X Tactical Light = $50 --> I had this on my real steel Glock, so it can definitely take a beating

30.] ACM Bowman headset = SOLD

31.] BSA Red Dot = $30 --> This was mounted on my real steel AR, so it's definitely shock proof

32.] ACM Micro Aimpoint Red Dot = $40

33.] Motorola Headsets = SOLD





34.] ProTec Helmet w/ NVG mount = $20

34.] Arena FlakJak Goggles = SOLD




35.] JT ProFlex 8 Mask = $15

36.] Vforce Profiler Mask = SOLD

37.] Vforce Mask = $5



I'll be adding more items tomorrow!!!

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I have replied to all PMs as of 9:45pm Pacific Time. Thank you for your support and great comments.




TM Glock 17 with three magazines SOLD

ACM Vertical Grip SOLD

Middle Vforce Mask SOLD

Motorolla Headset pair SOLD

3 FDE Double AR mags SOLD

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Classic Army Tango Down ECR-4






I bought this, but never used it. It has the Electric Blow Back System and has been pre-upgraded by Spartan Imports. The serial number on this is 000082!!! This AEG will come with a nunchuck battery (not pictured).


Price is $255







I got this used and upgraded the internals with the following items:

1.] Ball Bearing Spring Guide

2.] Ball Bearing Polycarbonate Piston Head

3.] Shimming


I have also added a Classic Army M16 Stock.


Price is $100

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