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Loadout Locker - MARPAT, PMC, Woodland, 1337

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Here's the thread for all of my various loadouts. I wear what is functional and most useful for the environment or role I am playing in. Will get more pictures up!



MARPAT Loadout I ran today, I am on the right.





Not sure what to call this, it was a PMC loadout until it started to rain and I wanted to wear my woodland jacket!




Very old ABU Loadout - Sort of Security Forces, but not really. Using a Dboys M4 CQB-R



Taking more pictures right now!

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Thanks for noticing the trigger control - I am a stickler for safety with firearms. Whether they be replicas or not.

Oh God me too... I've been known to grab the barrels of the guns belonging to new players or careless players and point them at the ground before giving them a quick safety brief. Drives me nuts!


Good stuff mate. Glad to see some different things out there.

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