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I don't want to wear BDUs

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Guest alberty

The "bagginess" from combat uniforms is usually intended for slightly breaking up the outline of your figure and to give your skin a bit of breathing room. If you get the right size they should still be a good compromise of mobility and comfort.


If you don't like that, I recommend skinny jeans instead.

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I never really liked the baggy look either but then I found emerson tacticals line of combat shirts and pants. The patterns can fade kinda quickly but they tend to blend in better when they do, And they will fit nice and tight

Linky http://www.shootercbgear.com/index.php?cPa...a34v4p26nu395n6



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Of course they're baggy. You're 12.

Some 12 year olds are huge. And a lot of military members (especially women) are/were tiny. Thank goodness BDU's are unisex.


And OP I would think it depends on the money you want to spend. You could do jeans and a jacket or you could go to walmart and purchase cargo pants with a khaki shirt. If you are wanting to spend money on BDU's that resemble civilian clothes look at 5.11 or any of the other tactical clothing companies. At your age you probably don't have money. So your best bet is to check out Goodwill and thrift stores. You never know what cheap things you will run across. Good luck.

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