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WTS/WTT CM030, BlackHawk G17 Serpa, Condor Gear, Misc.

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Rules :

TRADES TAKE PRIORITY! I will ship first if you have a high reputation on these forums, otherwise you ship first.

Paypal or face to face.

Trades are allowed.

Feel free to thread cap.

Shipping included unless it says otherwise.

Prices are firm-ish but can go down for part trades or bundles.

If it still has a price, it's still for sale.


Trade list, M16 related stuff. Grips, Carry Handle Rail, Flash Hider, Mock Silencer.


Now for the sales:


First I have a CM030 in perfect working order. It does have the Nine Ball Lanyard Butt Plate installed so that's why it's a bit more pricey. Included is one standard mag, the battery and a lovely modified charger to work with smart chargers instead of the silly standard trickel charger. I will include a standard trickel if you prefer. SOLD!


BlackHawk CQC Serpa holster for G17/G18c models, fits the CM030. SOLD!


Black Condor Pistol Lanyard. SOLD!


Black Large Condor Stryker gloves, they have a small hole near the knuckle $12 Shipped.





Black Condor Tactical vest, minimal wear, one of the metal fastners near the belt buckel is missing but doesn't effect it at all. Had to stich the shoulder pad on theright side since I got shot point blank with a Co2 Revolver 3 times. Waist pouch on back is included. Dump pouch, Nato pouches, and name tapes are NOT included or for sale. $45 shipped OBO!





EOTech Lens Covers $10 each shipped or $18 for both.



Mp5 Metal outer barrel $10 shipped.



Dual offset 20mm rail mount $10 shipped (Allen key and screws included).



EOTech flip up lens covers $10 shipped.



Random PEQ box, don't know anything about it $10 shipped.




Random rail covers, including 3 Magpul XTMs (4 total rail covers) SOLD!


Some bigger items may be shipped with extras.

I do strive to ship the same day if possible. This is my first time selling on Airsoft Forum, but I do sell on ebay occasonally and have a 100% rating. If you'd like to look that up my ebay user name is DawnsBlankFlank.


Thanks for lookin!

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Guest alberty
Where are my rail covers?

Dawnzero has been banned from this forum for various reasons.


If you have outside contact info, try to email him or something.

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