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Quitting Airsoft Mystery Boxes!

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I am still trying to sell all my stuff so I can fund new hobbies. I feel the best way I will be able to accomplish this is by selling mystery boxes.


Here is how I am doing this, I will be selling boxes for $50 and $100, you can message me with interest and let me know which you would like. Things will include

AEG m4 parts, GBBR m4 parts, GBB pistol parts (don't have many), tactical gear, a KJW p226, and whatever else I feel the buyer would be happy

to receive.


Here are my rules and such: In the boxes, I guarantee to give you more than you pay for. When you contact me, feel free to tell me what kind of gun you have

and I will try and give you things that will be useful to you. If you feel unsatisfied with what you receive, message me. If I think

you are right and I accidentally gave you less than what you payed for, I will refund you. However, if I think that I did give you what I promised, more than what

you payed for, than I most likely will not refund you, however, I will try and work something out to make you happy.




P.S. (mostly for admins) - I could not find any rules regarding mystery boxes and how such a hread should be formatted, if there are any problems with this

pleases send me a P.M. so I can fix the problem.

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Maybe this is a dumb question. But why not just sell the stuff outright?

Atleast people would know what they are getting and you wouldn't be getting PM's from picky people.


I never have understood the thrill in mystery boxes, maybe I need to buy one and find out.

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