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$1300 M4 Magpul

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Alright, a little background information. I started playing airsoft around the age of fourteen, and began using a Crossman Pulse R72, I am now 20 years old and in the Marine Corps, and let's just say I've come a long way :a-wink: I'm not one to brag, but I just couldn't resist, so I guess this is the place to do it.


Thanks for the feedback guys.





The parts starting the muzzle and working backwards

Echo1 Tracer Unit ($60.00)

VFC Peq 15 ($100 - I paid a little extra as these are hard to come by these days)

Magpul Moe handguards ($35.00)

Bottom rail for handguards ($15.00)

Real steel Grip Pod (Usually retails brand new for $100.00)

Zombie Killer EOtech replica ($100.00)

Eotech 3x magnifier with flip to side mount ($60.00)

Magpul pistol grip ($30.00)

LaRue RISR (Spring loaded to move with charging handle $50.00)

Magpul CTR Stock ($100.00)

The body is a Classic Army, which a friend kindly gave to me




Sytema M110 Revolution gearbox (~$500.00 shipped from Redwolf airsoft)

Madbull 6.01mm 363mm tightbore barrel ($45.00)

G&P Metal one piece hop up unit ($20.00)

King Arms High Torque motor ($65.00)



Soon to come: Chimera mosfet


Total (excluding mosfet) - $1280.00

Regrets - None.

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Guest alberty

Man, I think you could have kept it under $1000 if you custom did a gearbox yourself. I think custom tuning can give you better performance and bang for your buck.


Does the Larue RISR "slide" on its own if you're cheekwelding and move your face back? I'd think that it could be annoying if your face could accidentally shift back while aiming. Some reviews I watched thought the opposite--that during recoil it will shift with your face and basically keep your face on the cheekweld presumably..

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Honestly, that was a fleece job > Systema M110 Revolution gearbox $500.00.


You could have acquired a better built mechbox for $200.00, at least had a CnC shell for that price and you would only be at $400.00


Or take all the accessories and put it on a GBBR for 500.00 and you would have had a rifle like a real M4A1.

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I don't care for the looks, but that is more preference than anything else. However, what you spent on the internals is ridiculous. It sounds like you just went for extremely expensive stuff with no regard to quality or function. For example, a king arms high torque is rebrand of the SHS high torque motor which costs about $30 in the US. (terrible motor BTW) A JG gearbox with some elbow grease and a few well thought out upgrade parts would easily out perform and out last that systema joke.

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