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any players in idaho?

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QUOTE (Spacemaninorbit &lt;AT&gt; Apr 3 2014, 08:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I live in southeast Idaho and play in a group of about 20-30 people



Moving to Lewiston next month. Is there anything going on around there as far as airsoft fields, groups, stores etc?



I live in Walla Walla. If there's airsoft there, it's probably the closest airsoft next to Seattle which is 5 hours away.

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Hey, dude! I realize that I am probably WAYYY too late! But whatever. I now live in orofino, about 45 mins out of Lewiston. About 5 hrs north of boise. Really really new to the sport. I'm still saving up for my equipment. If you're still active, invite me to some events in the near future! I really need the experience, and lots and lots of connections so that I may more easily find games and events! In any case, my name's will. 16. looking ffor any advice that you can give on how to find games and events. If you've got a few things to teach I can learn them! shoot me a message or you can (preferably) email me at mohutchmojr&lt;AT&gt;gmail.com Later!

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