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Which gun would fit me best.

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Well, I haven't done airsoft for a couple years. I wanna get back into it this Summer since a few friends are doing it.

I'm looking at Single shot assault rifles, and snipers. I wanna spend around.

If I get a sniper I also want a pistol with it. I've got a ghillie suit and play really tactically. But I really have no idea what to look at. I already have a scope I could use from old guns, I have a G36C but the clips broken and I don't know what model it is.

Thanks! :a-laugh:

I've been looking at M16's, SCAR's, M14's, and L96's.

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Guest alberty

Any more specifics? Check out the pinned topic on how to get your question answered..


If you ask "What's the best gun for me" we gotta know more about you, your requirements, and your restrictions.

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As far as single shot rifles... I have no clue. But I do a lot of CQB airsofting and I have an ok amount of knowledge on pistols.

I personally have a KWA Glock 17 and it is awesome. However I am pretty sure that it is not made anymore. So with that knowledge I would go with any of the KWA PTP (proffesional training pistols). They are a little pricy but they are amazing Gas Blow Back pistols. My favorite is the KWA M1911 Mk IV. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6789

It is a beautiful looking pistol and is well built. But that is my opinion. you get whatever pistol you want. Also I have the the KWA M9 PTP is another awesome pistol.

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