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Lots for sale: TM P90, Ksc Glock 23, JAC UZI, KJW M9, Up'd L96

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Paypal only

Shipping IS included in the price

Prices are OBO (within reason)



If you have any questions, ask



KJW M9- $90 OBO shipped

Bought this gun off a friend who rarely used it. It's in great overall shape, I've used it maybe two games and had outstanding results with it. It has a good crisp blow-back and a nice light trigger. It's also pretty accurate. It's got a couple small marks from use but nothing major, aftermarket silver slide release was added. It will also come with a longer threaded barrel, 2 normal mags and a WE long mag. All work great, one of the small mags has a small leak but that will be fixed before shipping. I do like this pistol so I'm not in a rush to sell, however I will take reasonable offers.




Army Detonics $80 OBO Shipped

I bought this new and it has never failed me, its the plastic slide version. I've had the metal slide version as well, and it wasn't that great. However, this works great, it's very accurate for such a small gun and has great recoil. I've replaced the trigger and recoil springs with Guarder ones. The gun will come with 1 standard mag, 1 TM 45 round extended mag, and one or two KJW parts mags depending if I can find both (both only need minor fixes). It does have some wear from being used, but is overall in good condition. The small mag doesnt hold much gas so it's not great in the cold, but it really works well when it's warm out





Also for sale are 2 Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptors

One is brand new still in the packaging $10 shipped

One is slightly used, still comes with everything $7 Shipped




KSC G23f $160 OBO Shipped

Got this recently, it's in great shape, everything works, has the trademarked slide and lower. Comes with 4 mags (3 work, 1 is parts but may be fixed prior to shipping). One downside is there is a small crack on the lower, near the slide catch. It's not too noticeable. It doesnt affect the function of the gun, it's purely cosmetic, but worth noting.



JAC UZI DX $250 Shipped (Fairly firm on this one)

I bought this awhile ago directly from Japan. That being said I havent used it in quite some time. When I first got it I still had an air rig and just plinked with it. It's never been used in a game by me. Everything is there and it should be fully functioning, the gun is incredibly simple and if there is a problem it's going to be an o-ring that can be purchased for under a dollar. It comes with 4 double sided mags. It also has a bunch of OK products upgrades. This gun has a sick rate of fire. I bought this for over $400 over a year ago. I'm looking for around $250 for it, I WILL take Trades on this gun.



UTG Up'd L96 $220 OBO shipped

Bought this off a friend when he needed money. It's in great shape externally and internally it's like new. It only has about 1500 rounds through it.


Laylax Zero Trigger

Angel Customs piston

Angel Customs Spring guide

500 fps spring

Compression mods




Last is a TM tri rail P90 $200 OBO shipped

I ended up getting this in a mystery box from EDI1st. Great little gun, wired to deans, has new E1 trigger unit, metal bushings, slightly longer barrel and a Madbull suppressor to cover up the barrel. Comes with 1 TM high cap, 1 E1 high cap, and 1 E1 Mid.



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