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Currently I have an Umarex UMP in my possession that I wish to equip with the newely released silencer (LINK!).

I want to combine the barrel extension with an upgrade in inner barrel length so it will fit the entire length.


What I want to achieve

With the silencer equipped the inner barrel length of the UMP is around 420mm, which makes it ideal for a 407mm long inner barrel. This barrel however is nearly twice the length of the original and therefore requires more cylinder volume.

Changing the cylinder will also mean I will change the matching piston head, cylinder head etc. The problem however is that I am only getting more confused when reading more about whether to or not to bore up and which length, type and level is suited for everything.


Does someone here have a good advice on which brand, type, length cylinder set I need for this kind of set up. I heard Lonex makes some good ones.

Note: I have no interest in upgrading the FPS or rate of fire, so durability upgrades for high power set-ups aren't required.


Thnx upfront for all help you are willing to give.




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Double check the cylinder in your gun first. If there isn't a port on it, then you are good to go. If there is a port on it, you simply need to buy a Type 0/non-ported cylinder.


There is no need to replace the piston head, cylinder head/etc if you change the cylinder. Just don't buy a bore up cylinder and you are fine.

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