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Selling Rules

Recommended Posts

1. Be specific with the title and identify the items for sale in the topic. Must post an asking price. If the item is strictly for trade, then be sure you post trading somewhere in the title or "WTT". This also applies to "OBO" (Or Best Offers) or "testing the waters" cases. Vague titles will be closed/deleted without warning.


2. Include sharp detailed photos that clearly demonstrate the specific for sale items in the post with detailed descriptions. ASF username, Airsoftforum.com/ASF, and current date must be posted in the photo on a piece of paper. You may either have 1 photo with everything in it with the paper and then close ups without, or you can have the paper in every picture. Digitally adding your Username & date is not acceptable. Failing to post photos with username, forum, & date will be closed immediately without warning. General photos must have the paper in them, close up's do not.


3. Asking for "Gift" payment via Paypal is not allow. Doing so will get your thread closed and an immediate warn. Asking for the 3% extra is against Paypal's rules and will be enforced as well.


4. 1 bump every 24 hours is allowed. Answering questions do not count as a bump. Abuse of the "answering questions" is up to moderator discretion so please use restraint.


5. You may only have 1 thread for the same item. Multiple threads containing the same item will not be tolerated.


6. No external linking to other forums or auction sites. If you listed the item on Ebay, please list the item number.


7. Transactions involving knives, swords, blades, firearms, etc. are prohibited.


As always, all threads and rules are left to moderator discretion.


The old rules here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/ASF-s-Ru...ll-t169768.html should be used as a guide, particularly if issues arise involving 4), 4b), 8), 8b), 12), 16), 18).


Please note, advertising is still not allowed unless you are an ASF Sponsor/Advertiser. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Advertising-t22305.html


Check this thread out for a quick explanation & discussion: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Airsoft-...es-t264418.html

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