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Alternative Hop-up adjustment?

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So I have had this M40 project going on for a few years, and I am almost "done". Recently though, I ran into a bit of a snag. I bought new parts for my trigger housing and bolt, BUT, as I went to go test-fire, I realized that my Hop-up adjstment screw has been stripped. NORMALLY, there is a little round wheel on top of the rail mount, but what I have, is this:




What I had to do with this set up, is use a GRUB SCREW to increase/decrease hop. However, like said, now that the hole is stripped. Also, I have a VSR CONVERSION.

In my eyes, my options are:


1) Re-tapping the thread (not preferred)

2) figuring out a new system to adjust the hop up (more preferred, I hate having to take my scope off to adjust the hop up)




3) Simply buying a new bolt housing for my gun. (I would rather not do this for I really like the look of the m40a3 rail mount.)

Also, I have no idea where to find a bolt housing......



Anyone have any ideas? I'll try and get photos up soon to give people a better idea of what I am talking about.




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Yeah, that was my original plan, ended up doing that.


It is basically the same as the old system, just with a larger diameter screw due to the tapping. Does the job I suppose.



Thanks for the input

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