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importing a tokyo marui

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title sums it up. I'm thinking of ordering an mc51 overseas.


so heres my little checklist for importation. if theres anythign else that anyone would like to suggest to help me get it through customs, please chime in. it would be greatly appreciated.


for now, lets not talk about prices. :a-laugh:


express shipping

putty on trademarks

orange flash hider

(possibly) shipped in two pieces

this means upper is in one box and lower is in another box. of course, putty and orange flash hider still applies.


feedback is needed and appreciated.


thanks in advanced :a-salute:

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if I can find one... lol


To be fair, I have heard more of tales of the CA bodies snapping than the TM's, which just tend to creek more, This could only be an issue with the longer guns though.


As per ordering/shipping it,

I just recently ordered a pair of TM pistols from Redwolf about a week ago. I placed my order on Sunday night and the pistols arrived on Thursday morning (I'm located in Tennessee).

The trades on the box had been marked out with sharpie/destroyed, while the trades on the gun were simply taped over. I also believe that RedWolf (as well as most overseas companies) have the policy that if the item gets seized in customs, they will take care of it all for you. There really isn't anything you need to worry about.

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