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WTS: G&P Viper and Kwa Mk. 2 1911

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I do paypal, I can only ship to the U.S, PM me if you have any questions.

Only trades would be RiotSC gears and lonex parts.


First is my G&P Viper. Its such a beautiful gun and it pains me to sell it. The only reason im selling it is because I need parts for other guns. Its only been fielded 3 times. Its the old version with the Vltor trades and not the G&P.


SHS High Speed Motor

SHS 16:1 Gear ss -4 (Gen 1)

SHS M110 Spring

Prommy POM Piston Head (leaks a little, not to bad)

SHS 15 tooth Piston

Lonex 70d Bucking

Madbull 300mm 6.03

Random Cylinder

Aoe was corrected w/ sorbo and it was shimmed pretty much perfect via bevel to pinion. Wired to deans.

Everything else is stock G&P. It will come with one brand new G&P mid cap, ladder rail covers, and a shorty tango down

vertical grip.


Price: $415 Shipped



Next is a Kwa Mk. 2 1911. Not much to say. It works flawlessly and will come with one non leaky mag.

Price: $110


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EDIT: nevermind

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