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If you plan to use your SR25 like a DMR, then I suggest you get a powered scope instead of a regular holographic sight. the powered scope can help you with spotting enemies from afar.

And as a designated marksman, you will not need a grenade launcher. you will just simply pick off enemies with the SR25

As jgm said, either get a G&P SR-25, or don't get one at all

plus, The G&P magpul SR-25 has everything you would want to have: a powered scope, bipod, AFG, and magpul touches

If you wanted the holographic sight so you could deal with close enemies, then I recommend something like this


theese are rapid transitional sights, so just tilt your rifle, and you then have good old iron sights that have no magnification



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The G&P Magpul SR25 is complete crap. Externals are REALLY nice (won't deny that, even I kind of want them), but that's about it. Plus you could do better with a Classic Army with enough money. Internally, the Magpul SR25 has the crappy modified V2, instead of the V2.5. Less air means worse for a DMR. The barrel's undervolumed massively. A&K and CA (and some G&P) with the V2.5 make much better DMR bases. Stronger shell and more air, meaning it's actually effective with 509mm+ barrels and heavier rounds. High powered scopes in my opinion are a bit useless for airsoft, maximum engagement distances are at 400 feet and that's EXTREME, usually it's closer to within 200 feet or less. 4X is the max I see useful, though red dots and iron sights do well at those ranges too. The only point I see to massive magnifications are for spotting purposes only, and even then at the range you're spotting them from, it'd take quite a while to get within range of them to fire. Quality wise, the G&P trumps both the A&K and CA, but not by that much for the money. Just a good tune-up and they could perform (if not outperform) alongside it.


OP: I recommend ditching the grenade launcher (unless you frequent CQB and/or play with vehicles often) and holographic sight (for now) and using that money to get a Classic Army SR25. It should be within your budget, and has much nicer internals and externals. I've had two (still have a heavily modified one), and they were great. Hell, I know some guy trying to sell his own CA SR25 on the forums here pre-built for not a bad deal.

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