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Gun suddenly stopped functioning

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I have the JG G36C and I've had it for about 2 years. About 2 weeks ago the fuse broke, so I got a new fuse with correct amps and voltage (but it's ceramic because I couldn't find any glass ones with the correct amps and voltage). My gun still doesn't fire and the motor doesn't make noise at all even with a charged battery. But I believe electricity is traveling from the battery through the fuse to the gun and that the fuse is NOT broken.


Does this mean my gearbox has something wrong with it?

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Normally if power is flowing, you will hear a clicking noise from the motor. It wont cycle, but it will click. If you don't hear this, make sure the two wires are connected to the motor. They should be soldered, but they may have come off anyways. If that isn't the issue, check the length of wire for any exposed wire. A short can prevent the motor from spinning and will trip the fuse. And if none of that is the case, then you will have to take apart the gearbox.

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