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Trigger Response

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I need to improve my trigger response. It currently sucks, there is way too much lag between the trigger pull and the bb exiting the barrel. This is a huge problem when playing semi-auto-only CQB, trying to squeeze off rounds quickly just results in a jam or the trigger just quits working for a second until I switch to full auto, shoot a couple rounds at the wall, and switch back to semi. If it matters, I'm using a 8.4v battery. Would a 9.6v help trigger response? Or is it the motor? Any tips and info would be appreciated

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In order to estimate where you want to be, we need a baseline of where you are now. A full build list would be a good start, as well as your actual performance (KE and ROF).


Without that just about all someone can say is slap a bigger battery on it, and make sure your internals are set up to handle it.

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I found that this made my trigger response nearly instantaneous.


- High torque motor (JG blue, Lonex Torque)

- High speed gears (16:1 or 13:1) but not entirely necessary

- Convert all wiring to low resistance wires (16 guage) with deans connectors

- a good shim and lube job. Less resistance on things like gears, spring, piston etc makes things easier for the motor and gears to move.

- Biggest change in everything was going lipo with a mosfet. You just have to make sure that your gearbox is capable of handling them. 7.4 isn't so bad and you will still get nice trigger response but 11.1 requires adjusting your AOE, possible short stroking etc.

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You need a better battery. A 9.6v may or may not help...but from what youve described your having issues with the semi auto cut off lever...its a well known issue and the easiest solution is a stronger battery. In a nutshell, the battery cant keep up with how fast your pulling the trigger...basically your letting off the trigger before the cycle is complete, and pulling the trigger again. I hope your not using the POS 8.4v that came with your gun.

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