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Guest TriChrome

Gear Pictures

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Guest TriChrome

This pinned topic is to show pictures of your tactical gear (not BDU's and clothing). To be included in this topic you need to follow by these simple rules:


1). You have to include a picture of your gear that we can actually see what it is (meaning no horribly blurry shots and no "I took this photo during the night with no flash"). If you think your picture is questionable, post it, and I'll try to Photoshop it the best I can.


If your gear is a vest, plate carrier, or similar, you can photograph it by itself, or with you wearing it. If it's a harness, please photograph it on somebody (so we can tell how the gear is worn. If it's a picture of a bunch of pouches with straps everywhere on the floor it's not an informative picture).


2). Please list the make and model of the gear, including all pouches, hydration system, etc.


3). No discussion please, just pictures and a list of what's pictured. If you're so inclined, feel free to review your gear in the review section (and comments can go there).


See the example below

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Guest TriChrome






Old Pic | 1 | 2 | 3 |



Patriot Performance D.A.V. (Direct Action Vest) Releasable Plate Carrier with replica SAPI Plates, Large.


Spec-Ops Brand Wolf Hook 1-Point Sling: G&P SR-16

BHI Hydration Tube Holder

Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch: Garmin GPSmap 60CS

Tactical Tailor Dual Mag Pouch: Speed Loader / Surefire G2 Nitrolon

Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch: Cobra 12-Mile FRS/GMRS Radio


Tactical Tailor Accessory Pouch, Vertical: BB's & Battery

Tactical Tailor Dual MP5 Pouch: 2x MP5 200rd. Hi-Caps

6x Tactical Tailor M4 Shingles: 6x M4 300rd. Hi-Caps

Blackhawk CQD Mark II Weapons Catch: TM MP5K


Tactical Tailor Hydration Carrier: Camelback Storm insulated, 3 liters

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Guest Agent Hunk




Point Blank IBA


X4 SDS Woodland Snap Closure M16 magazine Pouches

x2 SDS Frag grenade pouches

x1 SDS Radio Pouch

x1 TT multi-Purpouse Pouch

x1 SDS Waist Pack(It is actually centered dispite what it looks like)

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Eagle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund - Khaki







Kit List:

Eagle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund LG/XL

(1) Coyote Tactical Hydration Carrier

(1) Coyote Tactical Horizontal Pouch

(3) Tactical Tailor Flashbang Pouch

(1) Tactical Tailor Radio Pouch Small

(2) Tactical Tailor 7.62 Dbl Mag Pouch

(3) Tactical Tailor Knife Pouch

(2) Tactical Tailor Single Mag Pouch

(1) BattleLab M4/M16 Double Mag Pouch

(1) BattleLab GP Pouch Small

(1) BattleLab Radio Pouch, PRC112

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Guest JROTChris









Eagle Plate Carrier w/ Cummerbund

5x TT shingles

Milspex Medic Pouch

Milspex 2x Pistol Mag Pouch

TAG Admin pouch

Milspex Hydration Pouch (back)

Nomex Flight Gloves

Safariland 3004

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As some of you may know I am a huge fan of the HSGI Weesatch and now I have one.

The pictures include the vest, Milspec pistol mag pouch, Milspec EMT pouch, BHI 6 mag pouch, Milspec Hydration pouch, SDS single mag pouch, 2x Proud 3 Mag shingles. Also included are my TM M4 RIS, TM M3 Super 90, and TM G18c AEP.


For some reason, every camera thinks that vest is grey or black. It really isn't that dark. In fact it is almost the same tint of green as the admin pouch.









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Guest Airsoft Paladin

BlackHawk Industries Gen .4 MOLLE/PALS Strike Harness., A Blackhawk rig, LBE Harness and a intercepter replica (I belive this Blackhawk thing belonged to Trichrome). Soon to add pouches at Christmas :a-cheesy:







Edited by TriChrome

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As is



x2 bhi double mag pouches tan

x1 spec ops x4 mag pouch OD

x1 Spec ops double pistol pouch OD

x1 SDS 200rnd Saw pouch WD

x2 SDS m67 pouches WD

x1 Bianchi m12 holster with 1911


US issue large field pack IFP w/

tri color Jslist chemical suit

ghillie jacket

Hydration bladder

Issue goretex Sleeping bag


Belleville boots


gentex tc2000 w/ess nvg googles


Wiley x sg1s


Goretex ECWS


Bijan kneepads


And haji rag....

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Here put these in there




its just a simpe Rack....how many pictures are required to know how its used. Only one way a rack can be worn, on the chest/belly





Ill post an update either this weekend (spear balcs) or next week when I get my pouches too.

Edited by TriChrome

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Guest masamune

G&P Spear





MilSpecs Hydration Pouch

MilSpecs Radio Pouch

SpecOps 5.5'' Combat Master sheith (ordered the wrong size but it works fine on my 7 inch kabar)

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Guest Sp3ctre



Helmet - Black Delta Helmet (Black Hawk Down Replica)

Goggles - Black G.I. Goggles w/ Grey Ballistic Lenses

Mask - Black Ski Mask thing (It's fireproof.. I believe Nomex is the material?)

Vest - Black Tac Force MP5 Vest w/ Holster (Right Handed)

Gloves - Black Tac Force Neoprene Gloves (Large)

Kneepads - Black Superflex Kneepads


Primary - Airsoft Elite MP5-A5 (AEG)

+ 1 Guarder Tactical Illuminated Foregrip

+ 1 Sure-Lite 6v Tactical Light

+ 1 Leapers 40mm 1X Red/Green Aimpoint

+ 1 3-Point Tactical Sling

+ 1 1200mAh 9.6v Small Battery

+ 1 600mAh 8.4v Small Battery

+ 2 Hi-Cap 200rd Mags


Secondary - KWA Glock m19 (GBB)

+ 2 1100mL Green Gas

+ 3 20rd Mags

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heres what it consists of:

MOLLE plate carrier from cheaper then dirt

2x Mil Spec dual m4 mag pouches

1 x Matrix hydration carrier

1 x patriot performance quad pistol mag pouch

1 x patriot performance smoke pouch

1 x BHI medium utility pouch

1 x blackwater large suppressor pouch

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I will see that eagle and raise you a few pouches Chris.


*Will describe pouches tomorrow after game so don't update yet.*









Edited by JROTChris

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Here is my gear. Just got a camera. I will post some live fire pics on Sunday afternoon.





Other Tac Gear


Guns n' Rig


All the gear


What do you think?

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Dirty Dagger USA MP5 Raid vest. This one cost me about 15 kajillion bucks but you too can get one for that same price. It is loaded with 10 MP5 mags, DDUSA multicam dumper, DDUSA single point sling, DDUSA, radio pouch, DDUSA 3 pistol mag pouch on a horizontal hanging flap.





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Sorry for the bad picture quality of the first picture, it's from a friends Palm Camera.





Cayote Tan RACK w/ Bib

Dirty Dagger USA 6cell Panel (MC)

Dirty Dagger Flashbang Pouch (MC) (used for Gas Grenade)

ESS NVG Goggles (Tan)

Nomex gloves (OD)


(Multicam Uniform also made by Dirty Dagger USA)

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Here’s my rig (photoshopped to show the front and back in one photo):


MOLLE modular chest rig from Self Defense Armory, which has a built in container for a hydration pack.

Attached are several added pouches bought at Ft Lewis clothing sales (“Spec Ops” is the brand), a SAW pouch for a buttpack, a six M-16-mag pouch for various items. I have pouches for pistol mags, 40MM grenades, a radio/grenade pouch. I also have a multi-tool pouch, which fits smaller batteries perfectly. Everything is in ACU. The drop panel is also from clothing sales, the holster is GI issue.

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All right, so what do you get when you cross a camelbak, a yard of DCU cordura, several strings of obscenities, and a cut to :pain: finger or two? A Camelrack.













Kit list:

Tricolor Camelbak MULE

FAD Camelrack vest (3 mags stored internally as well as suppressor sleeve or knife insert)

FAD Admin / Cool guy patch panel

FAD 6 mag panel

DDUSA 3 mag pistol pouch

DDUSA knife sheath for Buck Strider 888 solution and gerber multitool

On the back of the pack are two SDS 2 cells




My lightweight 1st line consists of...

FAD belt (soon to have MOLLE added so as to keep the pouches in place)

DDUSA drop leg holster for MK23 Socom sans LAM

HSGI HSLD suspenders

SDS 2 Cell M4 pouch

FAD horizontal MOLLE panel

DDUSA dumper

DDUSA smoke grenade pouch

DDUSA GPS pouch with Magellan GPS

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Eagle Industries Rhodesian Recon Vest, Tan (bib folded down and tucked away)

Camelbak Thermobak 3l, CB

3no. Tactical Tailor Triple M4 Mag Pouches, Tan

Tactical Tailor GP Horizontal Pouch, Tan

HSGI Double Pistol Mag Pouch, Tan

Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch, OD

Maxpedition MM Dump Pouch/Medium Rollypolly, OD


Tactical Command Industries Liberator-II Headset w/ PTT

Kenwood TK3101 PMR446 Radio

Strider DB-L NSN w/ CB G10 Grips & CB CSM Sheath, #93 of 100

TAD Gear Survival Capsule, Whistle Component, Black

F|S Utility HAK v2, Tan Cord Wrap

Surefire Z2 CombatLight

Gerber Compact 400 Sport (Multitool), Black

Sharpie & Notepad


I think that should do it... :a-yesnod:

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Here is my setup. I just got the vest and this is the initial config.


I am the teams medic, so that is why I don't have both mags upfront. and its easier to do a mag change while prone with one pouch on the side.



The Drop pouch for my mags, will be moved down to a leg platform, and another EMT pouch like what is on the front will be added in its place to house real medical supplies.


All the Gear is from Cheaperthandirt.com I would HIGHLY recommend them!!!! they have GREAT customer service




Edited by blckout

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Here's my new loadout, I still have a ways to go though:



sorry, I can't edit my post

but my gear consits of

Rocthco camo bdu pants

Rothco camo hoodie

Rothco camo ranger vest

Rothco camo hat

Rothco mag pouch

TM M16A2


that's all I can name at the top of my head

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Guest ::GwG::FloFillA

Milspex ACU CIRAS w/ desert painted Desert Eagle, Wiley X sg1 (new style frame)



Milspex ACU CIRAS w/ Glock (notice on the stones poster alcohol is mispelled)



Milspex ACU CIRAS w/ M4(custom)


Edited by ::GwG::FloFillA

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This might as well be thrown in there too.



This is my 18 Bravo'ish loadout. Far from done. Then again, when are you ever satisfied with your loadout. I wear this with woodies.

All in OD

Mich 2001

ESS Turbofan NVG Profiles

EMS Padded Gloves

(for al you BHI haters out there)

BHI Commando Chest Rig

BHI Back Plate Carrier

BHI 2x3 M4 Adjustable Mag Lid Pouch x 2

HSGI Double Stack Pistol Mag Pouch x 2

BHI Large GP Pouch

BHI Admin Panel

TT Small Radio Pouch

Eagle MAP w/ BHI Microban 3L Bladder

TAG Riggers Belt

Firefox Throat Mic

Surefire G2


Bushnells Gen 1 NVG


Black Duct Tape

Kill Rag

1st Aid Kit

Motorola Talkabout

Calico Jack and US Army Velcro Patch (yeah flame me)

Milspex Dropleg Holster (made a gustom 2 tone OD/Black G26A with 4 total mags, love it, but they don't make descent holsters for them)

TT Drop Leg Dump Pouch

12 Mag Midcaps

TM 470 Rd Speedloader

Hi-Cap stashed in the MAP

M15A4 RIS curtosey of Craig at Federal. 400fps w/ .25

Custom 2 Tone OD/Black M15A4 CQBR-SD(Upgraded but never chrono'd)


Don't have any picks of my ISSAK Rifleman with body armor anywhere. I always wear woodies, it only makes sense up here.


Comments, Suggestions?


Edit: Found the pics.


Guarder RBA OD


Edited by NoRemorse

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Right now I got the woodland set up going on, nothing too fancy, UTG vest, woodland bdus, pb mask (now connected to a MICH helmet and a camera mount is in the works) jungle boots (not visible) and of course my TM ak-47 in the process of becoming a 74.







Edited by BrainExploder

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I updated my loadout




I have a MOLLE hydration mag chest rig

Rothco BDU pants

Some BDU blouse I got from my dad (his from when he was in the Airforce)

Police riot helmet with cutom camo cover

goggles from a paintball mask

TM M16A2

Some walmart knee pads customized for two straps on it.

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My 2nd line:

1no. Eagle plate carrier with cummerbund L/XL with plates and soft armor (ranger green)

1no. Eagle two mag double cell m14 magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle MBITR pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle GP pouch (ranger green)

1no. Eagle admin pouch (ranger green)

2no. Paraclete two mag single cell m14 double magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. Tactical Tailor horizontal GP pouch (ranger green)

1no. Tactical Tailor shoulder pads (olive drab)

1no. Diamondback Tactical single cell m4 with 9mm pouch (ranger green)

1no. Diamondback Tactical MAP pack (ranger green)









My 1st line:

1no. Tactical Tailor duty belt (tan)

1no. Safariland 6004 p226 version (sprayed)

1no. Diamondback Tactical two cell 9mm magazine pouch (ranger green)

1no. TAG dump pouch (ranger green)


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Well here's my loadout. Nothing too fancy... yet muahahaha.

Phantom CIRAS w/pouches

CamelBak 3L Hydration w/OD carrier



Real Steel TDI Arms vertgrip

Real Steel First Samco Taclight/Rail mount

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot (Don't really like how it looks on top, gunna swap it out soon).

G&P One point sling

MAG 100 round Midcaps


WA Para P14.45

Tactical Taylor Drop Leg holster.


Multicam top and bottom

Unknown OD Pistol belt with 2 mag pouches.

Bates USMC desert boots (with EGA Branding)



Edited by Nailz

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Guest Whorify



Tri Color DCU, Bates M9 boots, Spec-ops Suspenders


Back side

with DCU top

Right shoulder

Left shoulder


Sub-gear: HSGI Suspenders, Tactical Tailor Molle belt


Back side


Left: BHI double pistol mag pouch (for speed loaders), TOP dump pouch, TAG dump pouch

Pouches Closed

Pouches Open


Right: BHI Utility pouch (carry bottles of BB's), Ranger green DBT Utility Pouch (Field aids and effects), Triple pistol mag pouch (for speed loaders)

Pouches Closed

Pouches Open

Inside DBT Utility Pouch

Side pouch of DBT Pouch


Armor: HSGI Weesatch


Back side

Side, NVG down

Side, pouches open

Inside of Weesatch Plate carrier

Armor/Strike plates


ACH/MICH2002 helmet with cat-eye band, IR Strobe, PVS14 with mount, ESS Turbofan striker Goggles



Top, with gear




Pouches Open

All purpose, replaceable knife, lol

Top of Weesatch

Map Pouch big enough to hide secrets :a-jester:


Communications: Moto Talkabout SX700 with Swimmer headset and PTT


PTT button for Swimmer headset


Hydro carrier


Can hold a 3 liter badder

Sub pouch large enough for MRE


Assault Pack: PPM Medium


right side


Edited by Whorify

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1-USAF GI Pants

1-USAF GI Cold Weather Coat

1-USAF Survival vest

1-Boonie Hat

1-Hunting Mask

Backpack with 2-12' by 6' camouflage nets

This is also my hunting gear :a-thumbsup:

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