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Marine Force Recon Kit

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Alright guys, I have been piecing together an MFR kit for a while. I have looked at a lot of the popular threads on other forums to guide me and I think I have it down for the most part. I just want to double check.


Anything in yellow is what I plan to buy, or am at least thinking about. Everything else I already have. All gear is in CB unless otherwise stated.



Propper Woodland MARPAT Coat

Propper Woodland MARPAT Trousers

Bellville 550 ST boots

Mechanix Wear Gloves (I realize these aren't as common as flight gloves, but its what I have)

---BDU's will probably be replaced by Propper flight suits in Sage or Tan...just not looking forward to dropping $180 a piece on them.

Alta Knee Pads


First Line

Pantac Duty Belt w/ Security buckle

Pantac Upright Drop Leg Panel

2x Pantac Dual .45 Pouch

Pantac Double m16 Pouch

Blackhawk Lvl 2 SERPA holster (I realize a Safariland is MUCH more common, however I have seen at least 1 picture with a SERPA in use, and I prefer the SERPA over the Safariland for function)

Pantac Dump Pouch

Pantac Horizontal General Purpose Pouch (great for holding my cell phone, car keys, & wallet during the game, but they don't seem common. Open to changing this if there are some suggestions.

Pantac or EI Weapons Catch

Gemtech Pistol lanyard

CSM Gear E&E? Fanny pack

Surefire G2 flashlight

Surefire V70 holster (I would like to do the CSM Gear Surefire holster, but I can't find one for sale to save my life


Second Line

Pantac Land Recon CIRAS

Pantac Individual First Aid Kit

Pantac Double M16 Pouch

2x Pantac Single M16 Pouch

Pantac Large Square Admin Pouch

Pantac MBITR Radio Pouch

Pantac Smoke Grenade Pouch

Pantac MAP

Eagle Industries Frag Grenade Pouch (planning on picking up a second)

VIP Strobe

Carbiner with chem sticks

Carbiner with zip cuffs




ACM Helmet Goggle Retention Straps

ACM Norotos Universal NVG Shroud (I know that the Norotos 3 hole is MUCH more common, however I have not been able to find one in stock. On top of that, I do not want to shell out the money for the special adapter/plate that lets you attach rhino arms to it. That being said, this guide says they are kosher.

Arena Flakjak goggles

IR IFF US Flag patchs

maybe the Surefire helmet light. Will probably go with Element though. Don't want to spend $190 on a part mostly for looks



This is a little far off as it will be expensive. I am not going to buy the knock of Comtac II's because quality is questionable at best.

Puxxing 777 Radio (not going to shell out a bunch for a MBITR or deal with programming a Saber)


Peltor Comtac II



M4 14.5" RIS, EoTech 552, PEQ2 10x mags

1911 MEU 4x mags


What should/can I change or add. Please keep in mind, I am not going to break the bank for insignificant additions


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Like you said in your post switching out to a flight suit is called for. From what I understand that is the norm, but its a minor detail unless you're making an impression.

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It's an excellent Loadout and very similar the only detail I can see that is incorrect is the MARPAT MCCUU jacket. Modern FORECON Operators have switched to the FROG(Fire Resistant Organizational Gear) and are phasing out flight suits. Good luck and Semper Fi!

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Thanks for the tip on the FROG Veteran. That being said, I am not going for a 2013 kit. Many of the pictures I based my kit off of were around 2007-2009, in which flight suits appeared to be very common, so I think I will be sticking with the flight suit for the time being.

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