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Carbine Help

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Alright, you guys helped me with my last purchase, and I was thinking you could help me again.


Right now I'm in the market for a carbine. Looking at some AK carbines, I found the LCT AK104 NV. It is an AK-105 (I don't know why it is listed as AK104. I think it might just be a company model number)


These are the stats from Fox Airsoft, this comes pre-upgraded.

It's got a barrel somewhere around one foot, between the AK-74 and AKS-74u.

~390 FPS

Sidefolding stock



If you plan on suggesting a different carbine, NO V2 GEARBOXES, PLEASE! I know much more about maintaining V3 gearboxes.

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Guest alberty

Do you have a certain budget?


I think the LCT bodies are great, but if you need to save on money for any reason or if you would like to put money into some upgrade parts you can take a look at the higher-end CYMA AKs as a low-cost platform with decent externals and internals.

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