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Fridge Gnome

WTS: Noobies, P*, Laylax, JG BAR-10

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Paypal Only

Prices are Shipped

I can insure a package, but it will cost more


I may add more items later, but this is the mainly what I want to sell.



I poured a ton of work into this thing, but now I hardly use it, so it's time to let it go.








Upgrades include:

Noobies TDC

Noobies tru-fit bucking and sleeve

PolarStar 45 degree piston head

Laylax reinforced sear

PDI 2nd sear

EdGI 6.01 Bull barrel(435mm)

170 spring

Laylax(I think) spring guide

TM precision hop-up chamber

Laylax S.A.S CLOCKWISE thread adapter

NC-Star 3-9x40 scope


Mods include:

Left-handed bolt(can be switched back to right)

Adjustable stock(kind of stiff and creaky, but the stock would be too long anyway if it was adjusted back any)

Rear of stock filled with weights and foam, front of stock is filled with non-drying modelling clay

Tighter cylinder guide(makes the bolt pull stiff, but keeps the cylinder head going in straight)

Beveled cylinder head

Duct tape barrel bushings

Sponge Paintjob



Some threads have stripped, mainly the rear thread on the rail and the one on the trigger guard, I normally held the back of the rail down with a ziptie and the trigger guard doesn't move even without it's screw.


Bipod and Scope Included!


Asking $300 for the whole thing, I'm willing to part out only if pretty much everything is spoken for.

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Please read the Seller Rules. You are required to have a piece of paper with your username, date, and ASF in the photos. Please contact a Moderator to open your thread when you have this so that you can edit.


OP contacted me to edit.

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