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Broken VSR10, is it the sear?

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I have a TM VSR 10 G-spec. It worked fine before I opened it up to clean and regrease inside the cylinder. Everything seemed to go back nicely. Except now when I :censored2: it, I cant push the bolt (cylinder assembly) forward with the same minimal force. It's just locked there until I put a little more force and then it slams forward and fires.


So to clarify, here's the problem:

On a working gun you do this:

:censored2: bolt back -> bolt stays in back position -> Slide bolt forward, ready to fire

On my gun it is now this:

:censored2: bolt back -> bolt stays in back position -> Bolt won't slide forward -> push harder ->bolt slams forward and gun is fired.


I was thinking maybe the sear is warn, but why would it lock up in the back position? How come it didnt have any signs of this problem before? I don't suspect a sear would go all at once.


I inspected the sear, there is a little wear, but I don't think its' that bad. Below are pictures, tell me if it is bad:

Other notes: I bought it used a few years ago. It's been great until now. There are some after market parts. The piston, spring, barrel and maybe trigger assembly.

One reason I opened it up was also to investigate a certain amount of friction when pushing bolt forward. Sometimes it felt like metal on metal scratching. But other times it slid forward just fine. I wonder if this is a symptom of something related.



On the pictures you will notice a slight U shape on the top of the sear. The other photo shows some wear on the top right corner (dark area) is a little worn down. To me it doesnt seem that bad. Is it this or something else?



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Yeah, there's wear but it doesn't look like it should be affecting your gun -- at least not yet. Look inside the cylinder and see if your spring guide is coming loose. I've noticed this issue when you have an aftermarket two piece spring guide and it comes apart.


Also, I would check to make sure the spring guide stopper is all the way in to the receiver/piston.

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Like Tux said, definitely make sure your spring guide isn't coming apart at all if you have a 2 piece guide.


Make sure you had the trigger mech screwed in all the way and its screws aren't stripped. Having that loose would allow the piston to slip away from the second sear very easily if bumped (such as when slamming the bolt forward) and could let the spring guide stopper to twist ever so slightly sideways, stopping the bolt. Any abnormal wear on the sides of the 2nd sear or guide stopper?


Also make sure that the cylinder guide rings and receiver aren't damaged and check for scratches/wear lines inside and outside on the cylinder that might lead you to the problem.

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Check out the sear that catches your piston, and check your piston. If your gun is firing when you push bolt forward there will probably be something wrong with those parts. Focus on your trigger box and maybe reassemble it if you can, something may be out of place.

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