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Airsoft fields in Minnesota

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I was wondering do you guys know of any airsoft fields in minnesota? Particularly by Anoka but that doesn't matter but anyways can you please answer this because I am just getting into airsoft thanks.


I live down in lakeville a little less than an hour from anoka and I have a decent size playing field on a couple acres of land in my back yard (bigger than a football field) we have trenches, wood barricades, and fox holes and constently improving. I have a group of about 11 active players and we try to play every weekend depending on weather and amount of players. all I ask to play in the field is sign a waiver so we are not liable to you getting hurt and either donate a couple bucks or buy the ammo from me I sell 5000 .2g for $15 I only do this because I put several hours a week into upkeep on this field to make it fun and a different experience everytime so I put what money I get from it in to things like walkies, wood barriers, extra guns for people who don't have them and so on. if youd like to discuss anything just call me like I said we are always looking for new players


612 599 7812

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